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The Prophetic View News! – August 31, 2009

A 'Perfect' Tragic Storm -  L.A., California fires - 090830

America, The Babylon

The Secret History Of Hurricane Katrina: There Was Nothing Natural About The Disaster That Befell New Orleans In Katrina’s Aftermath

Hip Hop Jay-Z’s Latest Satanic Message

Paganism And Witchcraft Growing In Youth Culture

Forced Vaccines, Quarantine, Health Interrogations, Decontaminations

More On Internment Camps

Congress Seeks To Authorize & Legalize FEMA Camp Facilities

Acoustic Weapons – Death By Cortisol?

DHS: Agents may seize your PC without reason

A “Dark Winter” For Public Health: Meet Homeland Security’s New Bioterror Czarina

Obamacare: A Pretext For Centralized Government Intrusion Into Personal Privacy

Lake Charles, Louisiana Police Chief wants CCTV in local bars

Texas Adult Protective Services Kidnap Elderly Couple

Scientist Tells Swedish TV: WHO Pandemic Criteria Lowered to Benefit Big Pharma

FEMA: Gunmen to be Deputized to Help Administer Vaccines

Get flu shot or get fired!

America’s Most Stressed-Out Cities

Could Modern Science Play a Role in the Coming of Apollo?

A Primer on “Martial Law”

College Kids Recruited to Join Obama’s ‘Army’


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Read It Before It Is [Further] Banned By The US Government

Who’s watching you? You don’t want to know

DHS: Agents may seize your PC without reason

Makow – Liberal Jews, Sex & The New Satanic Order

Was Bubonic Plague The Knight’s Templar’s Revenge?

Have You Heard About The Company That Runs Britain?

Google Plans World’s Biggest Online Library

Man-Made Volcanoes May Cool Earth

Temple Altar Construction Begins on Day of Destruction

‘Evangelical Christians’ Now Thanking Allah

112 CCTV cameras turn UK flats into ‘Big Brother’ houses – tenants fume

Rothschild Pitches UK Highway System Privatization

Doctors admit “wild euthanasia” being practiced in Czech hospitals

UK Climate Change supercomputer has the carbon foot-print of 1000 homes



Fire Threatens Major Communications Facilities; 22 TV Stations, 25 Radio Stations

2 Firefighters Killed Amid Massive Calif. Wildfire; L.A. Broadcast Towers Threatened

Wildfire Near Los Angeles Surges in All Directions, Threatening 12,000 Homes

Fire Threatens Major Communications Facilities

Hurricane Jimena Hits Cat 4 Strength

Dangerous Hurricane Jimena Roars Toward Mexico

Quake Fault Found Near Memphis, Far from New Madrid Area

Early Morning Earthquake in South Carolina

Summer has gone AWOL

Okla. Earthquakes Puzzle Geologist

Climate Trouble May be Bubbling up in Far North

Chain of Volcanoes Rumbles in Russian Far East

El Niño Weather Pattern Likely to Continue into 2010



Economic and Financial Alchemy: 3 Trends to Follow in the Next 90 Days

US jobless claims jump for a second week

Banks Hiding Tsunami of Foreclosures?

Even Higher Taxes Coming for Californians

Is Hyperinflation on the Way? We’re Spending Like There’s No Tomorrow.

Downturn Dims Prospects Even at Top Law Schools

You Drive Me Crazy: What Layoffs Do to a Marriage

The Secret That Will Destroy the World’s Financial System


Wars and rumors of wars

Australia Probes North Korean Weapons Shipment

US Dumps ‘Missile Shield’ Plan For East Europe

Iran-Bound N Korean Arms Seized In UAE

‘Arctic Sea’ Carried Illegal Arms – Russian General

More than 24 million Russians live in poverty



US Agriculture Taking It On The Chin

‘Late Blight’ is Farmers version of terrorism

Frost Wipes Out Wine on the Vine – Disaster Declared

Millions Facing Famine In Ethiopia As Rains Fail

Climate Change May End India’s Monsoons

Severe Drought Hurts China’s Drinking Water Supply

Iraqi Drought Called Worst Since “Earliest Days of Civilization”



Plasmobot: Scientists To Design First Biological Robot

AMAZING – High-Speed Robot Hand – Video

Google ‘evangelist’ see web/brain implant link


Got Health?

Baby bottles sold as “BPA-free” contain bishphenol A

Anti-Obesity ‘Wonder Drug’ May Harm Liver

Is Dirt the New Prozac?

How the City Hurts Your Brain



These People Are Ready For Anything, Including TEOTWAWKI:
The End Of The World, As We Know It

Molecule, Million X Smaller Than Grain Of Sand, Imaged

Police Baffled as Dozens of ‘Suicidal’ Cows Throw Themselves Off Cliff in the Alps

Even Neighborhood Watch No Match for Killer Asteroids


An Introduction to Conspiratorial History


The Prophetic View News! – August 28, 2009

579178207_9d4d44011bThe Blood of the Saints is the Seed of the Church


 Faceoff! Cops versus preachers on public sidewalk: Christians arrested 7 times for signs declaring homosexuality a sin


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

RFID, The Internet Of Things, And You

Could The Coming Israel-Hezbollah Conflict Catalyze Psalm 83?

Will Biometric Passports Lead To Constant Surveillance?

US drops demand for Israel building freeze in E. Jerusalem

Obama’s Road Map – New Peace Plan Unveiled Soon

Note to self: Don’t get sick in the UK!

UN Warns Over Swine Flu To Birds


America, The Babylon

Swine Flu Sticker Shock Hits Colleges, Schools

Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” And Freemasonic Occult Connexions

New Rules on Border Searches of Laptops in U.S.

Early And Current Fears About Vaccine Dangers

Bill would give president emergency control of Internet

TSA may begin rewarding tipsters with cash

FEMA Issues Report On Personal Preparedness In America



US Is In A Death Spiral – Top Retail Analyst

Fed Warns The Truth Will Destroy The Economy

Problem Banks Increase – FDIC At Risk



Drought, Debt Lead to Indian Farmers’ Suicides

Millions in Nepal Facing Hunger as Climate Changes



More Signs of an Early Winter – August in New England: Frost, Temps in High 30s

9 Earthquakes Hit Oklahoma in 24 Hours

5.2 Quake Hits Wellington, NZ

Earthquake Warning for Northeast India

6.4 Quake Jolts NW China

Wildfire Burns Homes Near L.A., Thousands Flee

Northeast Warned as T.S. Danny Heads North

Arnold declares Calif. wildfire emergency


Wars and rumors of wars

Yemen’s instability could draw regional players into fray

Yemen denies claim of Saudi air raids on Shiite rebel bases

Drought and floods in Yemen affect food security

Yemen faces spectre of anarchy



Sci-Fi Contact Lenses Coming Soon

Nanocircuits, Bio-membranes Creates New Hybrid Technology

iGEM: Prying Pandora’s Box Open Is The Fun Part

Motoman Robot Does It All in Videos


In The Heavens

Space Death Rays – How Dangerous Are They?

Stunning UFO Hovers Over China City For Nearly An Hour

The “Great Wall” Of Space: Galactic Superclusters a Billion Light Years Away Extend for 5% of Observable Universe

LIGO Listens for Gravitational Echoes of Birth of the Universe


Got Health?

A Conspiracy of silence about swine flu natural remedies

Vitamin D Halts Growth of Breast Cancer Tumors

Cell phone-brain cancer link found?

International Paper Treads Monsanto’s Path to ‘Frankenforests’

Statins Cause Serious Structural Muscle Damage

Defend Against Disease with Broccoli Juice



Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch Worries Researchers

Man Spends 30 Years Creating a Model of Herod’s Temple

Russian Scientist Claims to Photograph Souls

Genome Study May Have Solved Bee Colony Collapse Mystery

Spectacular Ancient Roman Discovery In Germany

Computers Help Decode Ancient Texts


By Grace Ye Are Saved – by C.H. Spurgeon


The Prophetic View News! – August 27, 2009

Coming soon to loved one near you

Coming soon to loved one near you

The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Fears That Russia Is Setting Stage For A Nuclear Apocalypse

Barack Obama On Brink Of “Deal” For Middle East

Carter To Israel: We Can Have Peace Without You In Holy Land

Netanyahu in Germany: We Must Stop Evil in Due Time

Russia Admits Mystery Ship May Have Had “Suspect” Cargo

VeriChip Sees Obama Stimulus Package As Opportunity To Re-invigorate VeriMed, Microchip Americans

Does Genetically Engineering Chickens Into Dinosaurs Portend Frightening Connotations For Reviving Dormant Nephilim Genes?

A Gruesome Harvest: Experimenting On Aborted Fetuses, Growing Their Organs For “Use”

The Government Death Book: Bureaucrats Investigate Whose Life Is ‘Not Worth Living’

China admits death row prisoner organ use

3 parents – 1 child

Changing A Cell’s Biology

Genetic Modification To Perfect The Unborn

Why GM Babies Are Better Than Normal Ones

Zeroing In On How Life Arose From Nonliving Molecules


America, The Babylon

RFK Jr – Vaccinations – Deadly Immunity

Has the Church Become Irrelevant?

America – A Nation Dying In Her Sleep!

Files Prove Pentagon Is Profiling Reporters

Atheists On The March In America

$49.9M US Contract for 300 Winchester Magnum Ammo

State of Florida Sold Personal Info from Registration and Driver License Records to Mass Marketers

American Girlhood Lost To Marketers

Democrats Invoke Kennedy’s Death in Calling for Health Care Reform

DARPA looks to use “Precision Electronic Warfare”

CIA provides step-by-step procedures for breaking a detainee’s will

Health Care Bill Would Allow Feds To Snoop in Your Checkbook

Florida Candidate for Mayor Wants 1,000-Strong Youth Spy Force

Gestapo Chief Became Top Truman Advisor



The Great Depression Remix

Real US Unemployment Rate At 16%

Green Shoots or Greater Depression?

Growing Poverty And Despair In America

Monster Meter Poll Reveals 34% of U.S. Workers Surveyed Have Only One Week or Less of Savings to Cover Expenses if Laid Off from Work

Power is Shut Off as Bills Pile Up

Spewing Out Money

A Sea Change is Coming

FDIC Chief Warns of Excessive Risk

Ben Bernanke: 4 More Years of Disaster?

World’s Largest Chemical Co., BASF Says It’s Too Big to be Takeover Target

Appliances Get Their Own Recycled Clunkers Programs

‘Cash for Refrigerators’ Debuts in Fall. Really.

Auto Industry Braces for Hangover After the ‘Clunker’ Party

Senator Warns of Hyperinflation Rivaling the 1980s

How Miami Gardens May Punish Banks for Foreclosures

Down the Drain



Tropical Storm Danny Flexes Muscles in Atlantic

Hot, Dry Weather Hampers Efforts to Quell California Wildfires

Longer-Term Weather Threats (graphic)

Brisk July Portends Frigid, Snowy Winter, Experts

Earthquake: Signs Point to Greater Peninsula Effect from ‘the Big One’

More Wild Weather on the Way for Australia

Records Fall as Temperatures Rise Nationwide

Tropical Storm Danny Heads for Bahamas; NYC, E. Coast in Forecast Cone

Earthquakes Scare Oregon Coast Residents, Not Seismologists

Electricity bills down 13% with cooler summer

6 Kamchatka Volcanoes Exhibit Activity Simultaneously for the First Time in 60 Years

Mt. Mayon Remains Restive



100-Degree Heat, Drought, Killing Texas Cattle

Kenya’s Rural Drought Hurts the Big City: Power Cuts, High Food Prices Create Urban Despair

Kenya Hit by Mass Hunger and Water Shortage

Wheat Rises as Dry Weather in Australia May Limit Production

Cuban Agriculture Turning to Traditional Methods in Crisis


Wars and rumors of wars

AFRICOM: Pentagon’s First Direct Military Intervention In Africa

Russian deploys S-400 missile system near North Korea

Israel Makes Waves By Simulating An Earthquake

Chavez: Venezuela Will Sever Ties With Colombia

Mexico Begins Destroying 79,000 Seized Guns

UK, Israel Warn Iran Over Nuclear Program



Robot With Bones Moves Like You Do

Artificial Blood??

Robots to Get Open Source Operating System

Robofish & Microchips

Brain Experts Check Suntan Nanobots

Coming soon: An Unblinking “Gorgon Stare” for the Reaper Drone


Got Health?

Breast cancer drug can trigger “aggressive” second cancer

Death Calculator Predicts Your Odds of Kicking the Bucket

Nearly 100 More Cancer Lawsuits Filed Against Monsanto

RFK Jr – Vaccinations – Deadly Immunity

Heating High-Fructose Corn Syrup Is Dangerous


In The Heavens

Mysterious Tubular Clouds Defy Explanation

Saturn’s Titan – Is It A Living Lab On The Origins Of Life?

‘Suicidal’ Planet to be Swallowed by its Sun

Star Factory Shows Off Three Kinds of Nebulae

Calling All Amateur Astronomers: Help Solve a Mystery



What Does It Take to Really Disappear?

Survival In A Post-Apocalypse Blackout

High-End, Low Emissions: BMW Unveils a 57 MPG Diesel 3-Series

Beijing Ministry of Weather Modification vows – ‘no rain on Communist party parade’

The Meatrix, The Meatrix II: Revolting, The Meatrix 2-1/2 – videos

Forget Swine Flu – Could We Cope with a Plague of the Undead? Scientists Ponder the Threat of a Zombie Attack

New Taser Can Blast Three Without Reloading

Man Bursts Into Flames After Being Tasered

Beyond Space And Time: Fractals And Hyperspace To The NTH Dimension

Rewriting General Relativity


Albert Pike’s Luciferian Plan for WWIII


The Prophetic View News! – August 26, 2009


The Book Of Revelation Unfolds

Did Israel’s Secret Service Hijack Russian Ship To Stop Cruise Missiles To Iran From Magog?

Obama: Temple Mount To Be Under Arab-Muslim Sovereignty

U.N. Agency Calls for Teaching Children 5-to-8 Years of Age About Masturbation


This Legislature A Disguised Pagan Temple?

“It’s Time To Play God And Engineer Entirely New Forms Of Plants, Animals… And Men”

Obama Continues Outreach To Muslim Community

Mr. Obama, Hebron Is An Eternal Home For Jews

Vending Machines Will Take Finger Scans Instead of Cash

Biometric ID Offers Double-Edged Sword

A Falling Away – Pt. 2


America, The Babylon

U.S. Government Health Officials Mobilizing To Launch “Unprecedented In Scope” Massive Swine Flu Emergency Vaccination Campaign

Democracy Going Dark: The Electronic Police State

US ‘tent city’ dwellers face eviction – 24 Aug 09

Uncle Sam Wants Your House

1,200 Veterans Wrongly Told They Got Fatal Disease

Cancer Patients Who Are Separated When Diagnosed Have Worse Survival Rates

Probe: Post Katrina New Orleans Flood Pumps Unreliable

Mustard-Gas Leak Detected in Pueblo Chemical Depot

Pittsburgh Airport to Run Mock Disaster Drill

More Police, Martial Law May be Used in Mass. Town

Marines Seek Crowd-Blasting ‘Venom’ Launcher

New formula lets meth-heads make drug in soda cans



Is Medicaid Needed For Our Sick Financial System?

US banking sector will see further collapses

As Budget Deficit, Grows So Do Doubts On Dollar

White House Projects Bigger Deficits, Bigger Debt

U.S. Deficit Under Scrutiny in Budget Forecasts

Risk of a Double-Dip Recession is Rising

Fed Must Release Reports on Emergency Bank Loans, Judge Says

Wall Street Just Lost You 160%

The Worst Unemployment Figures: Benefits and the Border

Never Ask the Wolves to Help You Against the Dogs

Active Container Fleet Shrinks 4 Percent



Schwarzenegger to Obama: Declare drought disaster in California

Cattle, Crop Losses Mount in Texas Drought

Mexico Water Body Warns of Risk of ‘Critical’ Shortage

Israel’s Main Source of Water Faces Dire Shortage

Tanzania: Famine a Serious Threat

From Junkyard to Community Garden

Fewer Firms, Farms are Producing Food

N. Carolina Fish Kill Now in the Millions



U.S. Heat Waves to Worsen, Report

Typhoon Vamco Has a Huge 45-Mile Wide Eye

Taiwan Confirms 461 Dead, 192 Missing after Typhoon

400 Sick in Typhoon-Hit Village in Taiwan

The fire situation in California

CANADA – Terrible, out of season weather -1

CANADA – Terrible, crop damaging weather – 2

CANADA – Terrible, unusual weather – 3


Wars and rumors of wars

Did Israel’s Secret Service Hijack Russian Ship To Stop Cruise Missiles To Iran From Magog?

Middle East’s Largest Emergency Prep Event Set For January

Yemen War Heats Up

Huge Oil Reserve Discovered in Iran

Iran Vows to Continue Pursuing Nuclear Rights

Timeline: Iran’s Nuclear Program

Mexico legalizes small-scale drug possession


Got Health?

Americans Eat 22 Teaspoons Of Sugar A DAY

Scientists Discover Bacteria That Cause Colon Cancer



Our Tech Future? Machines That Read Your Mind

New Technology Maps 10 Billion Neurons Of The Cerebral Cortex – Everything You Think Of As “You”

The Continuing Militarization of Biological Sciences



Scientists create nano-laser

UK Cops Eye Shotgun Cartridge Taser


Secrets of the Black Awakening – by Sue Bradley


The Prophetic View News! – August 24, 2009


Unexplained sky lights - Sigulda, Latvia

Unexplained sky lights - Sigulda, Latvia

America, The Babylon

Feds cracking down on garage sales

Microchip implants: The next step in the H1N1 scare

Point. Click. KILL! Inside The Air Force’s Unmanned Reinvention

First Of Its Kind “Vaccine Factory” To Be Built For Preparedness Against Biological Terrorist Attack

Toys Should Warrant Parental Concern

Masonic Lodges Open Those Mysterious Doors

3 kids, no job — relying on God

CA Bill Will Free 27,000 Prisoners

Department of Veterans Affairs Reports 73 Thousand U.S. Gulf War Vets Dead

VA’s Denial-of-Care-Oriented ‘Your Life, Your Choices,’ Quashed Under Bush, Revived Under Obama



National Unemployment Map

China reduces holdings on US debt

The Mother Of All Bank Runs

Social Security Payments to Shrink for First Time in a Generation

Unemployment You Can Believe In

FDIC Sells American Band Deposits and Assets to Foreign Bank

Fed to Steal State Pension Funds?

Manufacturing Jobs Drop To Lowest Level Since 1941

Millions face shrinking Social Security checks

What rebound? Foreclosures rise as jobs and income drop

Credit Card Delinquency Wave Reaching Tidal Force

Monetization of US Treasuries in Isolation

The Financial Crisis Pushes Europe to the Brink of Disaster

The Consumer Has Dug in His Heels

Buffett: Debt Mountain Could Turn America into a Banana Republic

A Flock of Black Swans

Arizona legislators propose selling Capitol, other state buildings to address state budget deficit


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Vaccine-Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks

“This movie is a doorway.”

Universal Vaccine Could Put An End To All Flu

Thousands flee as fires rage in Athens, Greece

“Recommendation 666”, Vacant “Seat 666”, and Javier Solana

US Government Prepares for Martial Law in Secret Closed door session 2008

Ireland Returns To Dark Ages With New Blasphemy Law

Artificial Life Will Be Created ‘Within Months’ As Genome Experts Claim Breakthrough

Unmanned surveillance plane can fly non-stop for 5 years!

Climate change campaign creates carbon crimes

NWO Directly From The Mouths Of The Elite – Video

Revived Nephilim?

The Battle to Patent Your Genes

New Zealanders Vote For Right To Spank Their Kids

ACT artist Danie Mellor wins National Telstra Art Award

Pune (India) youth dies from Tamiflu side effects

Mystery Virus Kills 137 in India

New Taser gun can fire 100ft.



Food Shortages Coming to America?

CJD Found in Recalled Blood Donations from USA & BSE Untested Meat

Mercury Found In ALL Fish In 300 US Streams

Antibiotic Resistance At Factory Farms Scares Scientists



Bill Weakens, 2 Killed by Massive Waves

Tropical Storm Hilda Moving West; Tracking South of Hawaii

Earthquakes Near and Far Shake Up Alaska Wells

Drought is the New Normal

Despair as Drought Cripples ‘Australia’s Mississippi’

China Drought Leaves 5 Million Short of Water


Wars and rumors of wars

Showdown With Russia And China: U.S. Advances First Strike Global Missile Shield System

EMP Threatens Power Shutdown For Months

U.N. agencies assisting civilians trapped in Yemen’s fighting

U.N. World Food Programme distributes emergency rations in Yemen

Over 100,000 People Displaced By Yemen Fighting: U.N.

Is Iran gas ban a step toward war?

Georgia Seizes Ships



20 Foods That Make You Smarter

Heart Disease Warning – Oxycholesterol Found In Junk Food

Mercury Found In ALL Fish In 300 US Streams

Antibiotic Resistance At Factory Farms Scares Scientists



If An Autonomous Robot Kills Someone, Who Is Responsible?

Lying Robots: Step One on the Road to Robot Apocalypse



Fibre Optics To Detect Sound Of Terror

Is This The Face Of Jesus Christ? David Flynn Analyzes The Shroud


Christians, here come the lions – by Pat Boone




Most Recent ALERTS From The Watchman – “Hawk”

(For those of you not familiar with “Hawk”, he was co-host of  Steve Quayle’s Q-Files radio show. His information, from various sources, has proven reliable time and again. The HAWK ALERT’S are presented here as a cry from a trusted and faithful watchman, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.) Brian


ALERT: Early this am 8/21/09 the Q-Files klaxon horn sounded general quarters in several locales. Reports from radio experts began to flood in regarding an extremely long 200+ characters Emergency Action Message likely sent from a Spaceborne Command vehicle via Offut Air base to space, air, and naval vessels in the Atlantic region. more


As of Thursday 8/20/09 an unprecedented move is taking place in Jefferson County Alabama, the fiscally troubled county forced into dire straits. According to sources, the two jail facilities will be combined into one ……the 200 inmates in the Bessemer facility will be added to the already 1000 inmates in the Birmingham facility. more


The Prophetic View News! – August 21, 2009

Once more...for effect

Once more...for effect

America, The Babylon

Does Google Know Too Much About You?

Will Future iPhones Rat You Out?

Greenpeace Leader Admits Organization Put Out Fake Global Warming Data

Rex 84 – Your Internment Camp Awaits You

ObamaCare Is All About Rationing

Health Rationing by Other Names

Immigration Rights Groups Have an Agenda

‘Native American’ Protesters to US: Give us Back Manhattan

Prepare for Armageddon on Health Care Reform

New Rx for Health Plan: Split Bill

Arms Expert Warns New Mind Drugs Being Considered by Military



Weimar Germany’s Hyperinflation Was Nothing Compared to Other Countries

YMCA Faces Bankruptcy in Reno Area

Mounting joblessness fuels US housing crisis

New FHA Foreclosures Jump 9.24%

Bank and Credit Union Failures Map Update for Week Ending August 14, 2009

Port of Charleston Profit Falls 53%

China To Buy $2 Billion Worth Of US Mortgages


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Freemasonry Unmasked – Video

Freemasonry’s Hidden Homosexual Agenda

How Christian Publishers Came Under Harry Potter’s Spell And Learned To Stop Worrying And Embrace Witchcraft

Burning Man Transhumanism? 2009 Pagan Fest Celebrates Next Step In Human Evolution

Hordes Count Down To Burning Man Pagan Fest

D.C. Residents Criticize New District ID Card

ELCA Approves Statement Validating ‘Chaste’ Same-Sex Relationships

N Argentina Battles Ferocious Dengue Epidemic

Significant Threat Developing Over Weaponizing Biology

New Army Camera Promises Super-Wide Surveillance



Dangerous Hurricane Bill Could Threaten East Canada

Tornado, Storms Cause Heavy Damage in Midwest

Severe Weather Targets Ohio Valley to Texas

Central Park Devastated by Storm That Fells Almost 100 Trees

Tornado hit Minneapolis

In Case of Emergency

El Niño Likely Here Through March

Earthquake rattles South Central L.A.


Wars and rumors of wars

Hezbollah Readies for War as UN Peacekeepers Can Only Observe

Manila seizes cargo, crew of ship carrying Israeli guns

Saudi Arabia eyes first nuclear power plant

Imminent Attack Likely on Camp Ashraf: U.S. Committee for Camp Ashraf Residents

Iran’s Supreme Leader Reinforces Syria Alliance

Russia May Sell Iran Fighters, Bombers



Nanowires In The Human Body – First Step To A Cyborg?

Marines Want Lots Of Robots They Can Throw

Pinhead-Size Worms + Robot


Got Health?

Tapped – Bottled Water, The Movie – Video

Breast Cancer Screening Exposed As Near-Useless…

Parents Fear HPV Shot Isn’t Safe

Mercury Found in All Fish Caught in U.S.-Tested Streams

Discover the Powerful Benefits of Garlic

Five Cups and More of Green Tea Billed as Best Defense from Cancer, Says Japanese Research

Vitamin D3 and Curcumin Offer Hope to Alzheimer’s Patients

Why Are Smart People So Ignorant When it Comes to Health, Vaccines and Vitamin D? (Part One)

Why Are Smart People So Ignorant When it Comes to Health, Vaccines and Vitamin D? (Part Two)

Why Are Smart People So Ignorant When it Comes to Health, Vaccines and Vitamin D? (Part Three)

Magnesium can Help Fight Obesity

Cat’s Claw: Rainforest Plant Kills Cancer Cells and Provides Hope for Arthritis Relief

Hypothyroidism Reaches Epidemic Proportions, Causing Fatigue

Study Says Rise of Gadget Use May Be Causing Teen Sleeplessness

Resveratrol – The Miracle Nutrient for Cancer, Cholesterol and Longevity

Wyeth’s HRT Drug Increases Risk of Death From Lung Cancer

How to Alleviate Eye Strain

Vitamin D Key to Healthy Brain


In The Heavens

UK UFO Files: top 10 sightings



Tests Begin on Drugs That May Slow Aging

Largest Dinosaur Footprints In Europe Found In Swiss Alps


Conditioning By Music – by Dr. Dennis L. Cuddy

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