The Prophetic View News! – August 7, 2009

Predictive Programming: TV Movie Shows Riots, Quarantines and Mass Graves For Pandemic Flu

Refusing Flu Vaccination Will Label You A “Criminal”, Says World Health Organization

That No Man Might Buy Or Sell Save He That Hath The Mark: Congress Eyes Biometric Authentication For Job Eligibility

Implantable Credit Card RFID Chips: Inevitable, But Creepy

Clinton Suggests US Come Under International Criminal Court

Obama’s dissident database could be secret — and permanent

Health Care Bill Would Allow Feds To Snoop in Your Checkbook

New “Food Safety” Bill Gets Big Government In Your Food, Declares War On Small Farmers

Obama’s Spies Monitoring Jews House-to-House

U.S. Tells Israel To Freeze Settlements For Year

Tensions high as anniversary of South Ossetia war approaches

Citizen Informants

New ‘Unforgeable’ Microchip ID Cards Cloned In 12 Minutes

Cyborg Status: If You Could Have Computer Chips Wired Into Your Brain, Would You?

Transhuman Transsexuals Pop Champaign Corks In Celebration: ObamaCare To Mandate Free Sex-Change Surgeries On Taxpayers Dime!

Even China Faces Meltdown

Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis: Weekly Unemployment Portend Disaster

Fed Laundering Money Through the Big Banks into the Stock Market

Pakistan Faces Christian Protest After Eight People ‘Burned Alive’

US companies axe 371,000 jobs in July

The Unemployment Dam Is Breaking

About Half of U.S. Mortgages Seen Underwater by 2011

Drop in Homeownership Likely to Continue

Senate Poised to Refuel ‘Clunkers’ With $2B

34 Million on Food Stamps

Unclaimed dead stack up in Wayne County, MI, morgue

Murdoch Signals End of Free News

Common Home & Camping Insect Repellent Affects Human Nervous System, Causes “Gulf War Syndrome”: Study

Congressman Wants Government Monitored GPS In Your Car

Heat Too Hot to Handle for Several Cities

Seismologist Calls for Possible Larger Earthquake in Central Virginia

A Tornado of Fire – the Science from Hell

Security Problems Persist at U.S. Biolabs, Report Finds

Plague-Spreading Fleas Gain Ground, May Spur Cases

The Paluxy Paradox: Did Dinosaurs and Men Walk Together?

A ‘New Cydonia’ Of Ancient ET Mars Monuments

Corporate Fascism – Danish Style

Prions In Affected Sheep’s Milk 20 Months Before Symptoms

Scrapie Prions Found In ‘Uninfected’ Sheep Milk

Human Blood Transmission Of vCJD (Mad Cow)

Strange New Air Force Facility Energizes Ionosphere, Fans Conspiracy Flames

The Massive Ordnance Penetrator Will be the Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb

‘Pain Ray’ First Commercial Sale Looms

Engineering The GM Beasts Of The Earth


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