The Prophetic View News! – August 13, 2009

Storm...dead ahead

Storm...dead ahead

Will Americans Follow Orders to Take Flu Shots?

Controlling the (Over) Population in More Ways Than One

New World Order & Executive Orders – video

VeriChip sells 1,000 implantable RFID microchips to Kentucky health department for disaster preparedness and emergency management

Sinister Sites – The Denver International Airport

Britain A Land Of Liberty Destroyed By Stealth

Reality and the Takeover

Media Floats Talking Point That Gun Owners are Domestic Terrorists

White House Denies Building List Of Names Of Those Opposed To Obama Health Legislation

Law would require monthly Homeland Security drills at schools


A Global Central Bank, Global Currency, & World Government

Gerald Celente 2.5 Million Jobs Lost Since Obama’s Presidency

Americans working much harder – for less pay

CIT delays report, warns on bankruptcy

US house prices fall 12pc in the second quarter

Billions in Bad Loans Still Threaten U.S. Banks

Thomson Credit Event May Trigger $4.6 Billion of Default Swaps

Oil Prices Cloud ‘Recovery’ Hopes

Spy plane on lookout for Russian subs off East Coast

Russian submarines hunt for ‘hijacked’ cargo ship

Iranian converts unwavering in faith, despite arrest


Global-Warming Policies Are the Real National-Security Threat

You’re Crazy to Disagree on Global Warming

Climate change press coverage gets weird

Massive Superfund Waste To Be Dumped In Idaho

France – Toxic Beaches, Seaweed = Hydrogen Sulfide Gas

Giant ‘meat-eating’ plant found

Eastern Himalayas Reveals Raft Of New Species

Artificial ‘Leaves’ Made To Generate Power

New Vent Opens on Kilauea Volcano – video

NASA’s Volcanic Robo-Spiders: Sentinels of Future Eruptions

Taiwan: Officials Say 700 Have Survived Typhoon Morakot in Remote Villages But Many More Buried


Genetically Modified Food 101: Truth And Consequences

Shut Up And Eat Your Frankenfood: GM Crops Set For Britain’s Food Revolution

Predictive Cell Phone Texting Damages Young Brains

Aspirin Helps Fight Colorectal Cancer – Scientists

Shocking List Of 599 Legal Cigarette Additives


Flashback: Tom Horn Wrote About Mars Monolith In 2008

Mars Monument: “Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life”

Hiroshima, Antimatter, Angels, and Demons

NASA ‘Can’t Cope’ with Killer Asteroids

Asteroid Impact Craters on Earth, Seen From Space

Planetary Smashup Leaves Trail of Frozen Lava

‘Crisis Satellite’ Returns First Images

Russia Sees U.S. Space Threat, Builds New Rocket

China Warns of Arms Race in Outer Space

NASA’s Advanced Space Tech “Self-Aware” Eco Building

IARPA Requests Tools for Recognizing Unconscious Signals of Trustworthiness

A Soldier’s Eye in the Sky: Robots, Drones Enter Battlefield

Cyborg Update: Bone-Anchored iPod Input To Your Skull

Biology Is Approaching Its Frankensteinian Moment – The Creation Of Life From Scratch

Dr. Stanley Monteith Exposes The Brotherhood Which Thrives In The Shadows


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