The Prophetic View News! – August 17, 2009

Chemtrails over Amsterdam

The Blood of the Saints is the Seed of the Church

Al Shabaab Reportedly Beheads 4 Christians

Princeton Bioethics Professor Peter Singer: Devaluing Human Life

Preacher Threatened With Arrest For Reading From Bible



Russell Blaylock, MD – What To Do If Force Vaccinated

The Pentagon Wants Authority to Post Almost 400,000 Military Personnel in U.S.

Pentagon Proposal to Use Military Reservists in Natural Disasters Angers States’ Governors

Govs to DoD: Thanks, But No Thanks

Nat’l Guard: Internment/resettlement specialists are for ‘foreign terrorists’, not US citizens

As He Predicted: Tom Horn’s Blog Series Being Banned By US Government Military Bases, Elsewhere

(read the latest entry in this groundbreaking blog series here!)



For Arizona jobless, the wait for benefits is agonizing

Personal Bankruptcy Surges Up 34%

American Workers Replacing Illegal Workers at Poultry Plant

Facts Don’t Back Experts’ Claim That Recession Is Over

Bottled Water Sales See a Drought

Visteon seeks to end retiree benefits to thousands

Toxic Loans Threaten 150 More US Banks

The Grinch Is About to Steal Christmas

This So Called Recovery Is Going Nowhere



Food Prices to Surge Under Emissions Trading Scheme

Monsanto to Charge as Much as 42% More for New GM Seeds

Monsanto Buys ‘Terminator’ Seeds Company

Monsanto is ready to round up seed patent violators


Your ‘Big’ Brother

“Behavior detection officers”

Airlines to Require More Passenger Data

Pentagon Secret Budget Tops $35 Billion

Wired: Robot Three-Way Portends Autonomous Future

Video- Hover no bother for flapping ‘nano’ aircraft

Historian Töben Imprisoned For Thought Crimes

As He Predicted: Tom Horn’s Blog Series Being Banned By US Government Military Bases, Elsewhere

(read the latest entry in this groundbreaking blog series here!)



Claudette Slams Florida Panhandle

Trio of Storms with Claudette

Ana’s PathClaudette’s PathBill’s PathGuillermo’s Path

Terrain Complicates Battle Against California Wildfires

7 Hurt in Indonesian Earthquake

Moderate Earthquake Shakes Remote Northern Nevada

Mega-Quake Could Strike Near Seattle, New Data

Scars Linger from Montana Killer Quake of ’59

Moderate Earthquake Shakes Southern Mexico

2008 Eruption Transforms an Aleutian Island

NASA Drops Probes Into Volatile Volcano

Parts of Texas See Worst Drought on Record

Study Finds 3 Northwest Glaciers Shrinking Faster

Global Warming Bill Could Cost 2.4 Million Jobs, $1,250 Per Household

More than 130 German Scientists Call Climate Fears ‘Pseudo’ Religion

Texas Closes 2 Wells Amid Earthquake Concerns

Puerto Rico Hammered by Earthquake Swarm

Thousands of Firefighters Battle California Blazes

San Antonio Facing Second-Most Intensive Drought in Recorded History


Wars and rumors of wars

US Military To Deploy To Columbia

N. Korea Threatens “Merciless Retaliation” on U.S., S. Korea Over Sanctions

…Puts Troops on Alert Over Military Drill

Businessman: US Must Heed EMP Terror Threat

Threat to Pakistani Nuke Arsenal is Real, Experts

Arabs Pressure Obama to Endorse Strike on Iran

Finland Denies Missing Ship Carries Nuclear Material

Mexico Cartels Turning into Full-Scale Mafias

Secret Takeovers

Cargo Ship That Vanished Spotted Off Cape Verde Islands

Russian Navy Searches Atlantic for Missing Cargo Ship

Mystery Deepens Over Missing Cargo Ship

Chavez Taking Control of Venezuela’s Media, Report



‘Orwellian’ Police cameras in use

Trans-gender police roadshow spreading the word at gay festival



‘The Internet of Things’ now includes a human heart

Scientists Invent Kitchens That Clean Themselves

Nanotech, Biological Hybrids To Create Fast Living Computers


In The Heavens

New Class of Astronomical Object: Super Planetary Nebulae

‘Hidden Portal’ Concept Described: First Tunable Electromagnetic Gateway

Second backwards planet found, a day after the first


Got Health?

Polio Vaccine In Nigeria Causing Polio

Death Toll From Hospital SuperBugs Hits New High



Sinister Sites – The EU Parliament

Believers Invest in the Gospel of Getting Rich

Bear Tries to Beat the Heat in Backyard Pool

Remains of Ancient Toothed Whale Found in California

Incredible 3D Cube Crop Circle

4,000 Yr Old Royal Tomb Found In Scotland

NC Hero Exposes Lying Rep With CAFR Truths – Video


A 21st Century Defense of Christianity – by Peter D. Goodgame


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