The Prophetic View News! – August 19-20, 2009


America, The Babylon

Government Permission Will Be Required to Travel

Cap and Trade Calls for Productive U.S. Farmland to be Converted to Forests

Scalia – Nothing Unconstitutional About Killing Innocents

Judge Overturns Oklahoma Abortion Law

Even Top Climate Change Negotiator Admits Cap And Tax “Out Of Control”

Barney Frank, Eugenics Death Panels, and a Dining Room Table

Autonomous Scout Vehicles To Prowl The Mean Streets

FBI: Street Police Need Assault Rifles In Prep For Terror Attack

Ford Plans Vehicles To Interact With Power Grids

Gargantuan NOAH ‘Ark’ Proposed To New Orleans

Apple Building Secret Massive Data Center

Scientists Control Living Cells With Light; Advances Could Enhance Stem Cells’ Power

Paterson, New Jersey, Considers Curfews for Adults

No cash? Elyria High students can pay with their finger

Air Force Establishes ‘Reduced’ Cyber-War Command

Obama’s FCC Wants To Stifle, Control Talk Radio

Lawyer: FBI Trained Hal Turner as an “Agent Provocateur”



David Cameron warns that the UK Government may default on its debts

IMF Says U.S. Must “Rebalance” Its Economy

Reader’s Digest plans to file for bankruptcy

Best & Worst US Cities For Job Seekers

How the New York Stock Exchange really works

The FDIC Is Broke. Now What?

Grim Forecast for L.A. and Long Beach Ports

Fitch Announces Expanded Review of U.S. Bank Commercial Real Estate Exposure

Trade group calls for government help with commercial real estate

$532 million worth of CMBS loans in Twin Cities delinquent

Global Depression And Regional Wars – Part II

Buffett – We’ll Be Crushed Under A Mountain Of Debt


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Cashless Control Grid Pre- Conditioning For Kids: Biometric Lunch Rooms Expand Across US

DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated And Planted At Crime Scenes

Forging a “New World Order” Under a One World Government

Coroners Refuse To Test For Human Mad Cow Disease

Is Atheism The Answer For Many?

London Cops Stop Five Under-10s A Day

Cloning Neanderthals



Bill Becomes Dangerous Cat. 4 Hurricane

Without Warning: Tornado Tears Down Department Store Roof

Third Quake Hits Colorado; Fault May Prove More Powerful

Hurricane Frequency Highest In 1,000 Years

Kamchatka’s Koryaksky Volcano Spews Gas, Steam and Ash


Wars and rumors of wars

Japan Weighing Nuclear Option



Deadly citrus disease reaches Mexico, threatens California

Chicken Underground’ Emerges



Future Tourism May Include Robot Sex

Creating Artificial Personalities: An Evolutionary Step Toward Replacing the Human Species?

“E”: Building An Evil Artificial Intelligence (& It’s Not SciFi)

Evolving Robots Become “Deceptive”

Robots Trained to Fire on People


Got Health?

CDC Report Stirs Controversy For Merck’s Gardasil Vaccine

Tamiflu Puts 600,000 at Greater Risk of a Stroke

Nano ‘Bees’ To Target Tumors

Magnets Could Be Used To Heal Hearts

Adding Folic Acid To Bread May Up Health Risks

Cannabis Shown To Strengthen Bones In Adults

Stop Prescribing Killer Diabetes Drug, Scientists Warn


In The Heavens

When Sirius Was Red

Mass UFO Sighting In Russia, Child Takes Amazing Photo

ABC News Primetime Special: Abducted By Aliens — Believers Tell Their Stories



Active Invisibility Cloaks Could Work At Many Wavelengths

The Bizarre Discoveries Of 21st Century Science

ChinaMart Coffee Maker Can Meltdown


A 21st Century Defense of Christianity – by Peter D. Goodgame


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