The Prophetic View News! – August 21, 2009

Once more...for effect

Once more...for effect

America, The Babylon

Does Google Know Too Much About You?

Will Future iPhones Rat You Out?

Greenpeace Leader Admits Organization Put Out Fake Global Warming Data

Rex 84 – Your Internment Camp Awaits You

ObamaCare Is All About Rationing

Health Rationing by Other Names

Immigration Rights Groups Have an Agenda

‘Native American’ Protesters to US: Give us Back Manhattan

Prepare for Armageddon on Health Care Reform

New Rx for Health Plan: Split Bill

Arms Expert Warns New Mind Drugs Being Considered by Military



Weimar Germany’s Hyperinflation Was Nothing Compared to Other Countries

YMCA Faces Bankruptcy in Reno Area

Mounting joblessness fuels US housing crisis

New FHA Foreclosures Jump 9.24%

Bank and Credit Union Failures Map Update for Week Ending August 14, 2009

Port of Charleston Profit Falls 53%

China To Buy $2 Billion Worth Of US Mortgages


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Freemasonry Unmasked – Video

Freemasonry’s Hidden Homosexual Agenda

How Christian Publishers Came Under Harry Potter’s Spell And Learned To Stop Worrying And Embrace Witchcraft

Burning Man Transhumanism? 2009 Pagan Fest Celebrates Next Step In Human Evolution

Hordes Count Down To Burning Man Pagan Fest

D.C. Residents Criticize New District ID Card

ELCA Approves Statement Validating ‘Chaste’ Same-Sex Relationships

N Argentina Battles Ferocious Dengue Epidemic

Significant Threat Developing Over Weaponizing Biology

New Army Camera Promises Super-Wide Surveillance



Dangerous Hurricane Bill Could Threaten East Canada

Tornado, Storms Cause Heavy Damage in Midwest

Severe Weather Targets Ohio Valley to Texas

Central Park Devastated by Storm That Fells Almost 100 Trees

Tornado hit Minneapolis

In Case of Emergency

El Niño Likely Here Through March

Earthquake rattles South Central L.A.


Wars and rumors of wars

Hezbollah Readies for War as UN Peacekeepers Can Only Observe

Manila seizes cargo, crew of ship carrying Israeli guns

Saudi Arabia eyes first nuclear power plant

Imminent Attack Likely on Camp Ashraf: U.S. Committee for Camp Ashraf Residents

Iran’s Supreme Leader Reinforces Syria Alliance

Russia May Sell Iran Fighters, Bombers



Nanowires In The Human Body – First Step To A Cyborg?

Marines Want Lots Of Robots They Can Throw

Pinhead-Size Worms + Robot


Got Health?

Tapped – Bottled Water, The Movie – Video

Breast Cancer Screening Exposed As Near-Useless…

Parents Fear HPV Shot Isn’t Safe

Mercury Found in All Fish Caught in U.S.-Tested Streams

Discover the Powerful Benefits of Garlic

Five Cups and More of Green Tea Billed as Best Defense from Cancer, Says Japanese Research

Vitamin D3 and Curcumin Offer Hope to Alzheimer’s Patients

Why Are Smart People So Ignorant When it Comes to Health, Vaccines and Vitamin D? (Part One)

Why Are Smart People So Ignorant When it Comes to Health, Vaccines and Vitamin D? (Part Two)

Why Are Smart People So Ignorant When it Comes to Health, Vaccines and Vitamin D? (Part Three)

Magnesium can Help Fight Obesity

Cat’s Claw: Rainforest Plant Kills Cancer Cells and Provides Hope for Arthritis Relief

Hypothyroidism Reaches Epidemic Proportions, Causing Fatigue

Study Says Rise of Gadget Use May Be Causing Teen Sleeplessness

Resveratrol – The Miracle Nutrient for Cancer, Cholesterol and Longevity

Wyeth’s HRT Drug Increases Risk of Death From Lung Cancer

How to Alleviate Eye Strain

Vitamin D Key to Healthy Brain


In The Heavens

UK UFO Files: top 10 sightings



Tests Begin on Drugs That May Slow Aging

Largest Dinosaur Footprints In Europe Found In Swiss Alps


Conditioning By Music – by Dr. Dennis L. Cuddy


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