The Prophetic View News! – August 24, 2009


Unexplained sky lights - Sigulda, Latvia

Unexplained sky lights - Sigulda, Latvia

America, The Babylon

Feds cracking down on garage sales

Microchip implants: The next step in the H1N1 scare

Point. Click. KILL! Inside The Air Force’s Unmanned Reinvention

First Of Its Kind “Vaccine Factory” To Be Built For Preparedness Against Biological Terrorist Attack

Toys Should Warrant Parental Concern

Masonic Lodges Open Those Mysterious Doors

3 kids, no job — relying on God

CA Bill Will Free 27,000 Prisoners

Department of Veterans Affairs Reports 73 Thousand U.S. Gulf War Vets Dead

VA’s Denial-of-Care-Oriented ‘Your Life, Your Choices,’ Quashed Under Bush, Revived Under Obama



National Unemployment Map

China reduces holdings on US debt

The Mother Of All Bank Runs

Social Security Payments to Shrink for First Time in a Generation

Unemployment You Can Believe In

FDIC Sells American Band Deposits and Assets to Foreign Bank

Fed to Steal State Pension Funds?

Manufacturing Jobs Drop To Lowest Level Since 1941

Millions face shrinking Social Security checks

What rebound? Foreclosures rise as jobs and income drop

Credit Card Delinquency Wave Reaching Tidal Force

Monetization of US Treasuries in Isolation

The Financial Crisis Pushes Europe to the Brink of Disaster

The Consumer Has Dug in His Heels

Buffett: Debt Mountain Could Turn America into a Banana Republic

A Flock of Black Swans

Arizona legislators propose selling Capitol, other state buildings to address state budget deficit


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Vaccine-Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks

“This movie is a doorway.”

Universal Vaccine Could Put An End To All Flu

Thousands flee as fires rage in Athens, Greece

“Recommendation 666”, Vacant “Seat 666”, and Javier Solana

US Government Prepares for Martial Law in Secret Closed door session 2008

Ireland Returns To Dark Ages With New Blasphemy Law

Artificial Life Will Be Created ‘Within Months’ As Genome Experts Claim Breakthrough

Unmanned surveillance plane can fly non-stop for 5 years!

Climate change campaign creates carbon crimes

NWO Directly From The Mouths Of The Elite – Video

Revived Nephilim?

The Battle to Patent Your Genes

New Zealanders Vote For Right To Spank Their Kids

ACT artist Danie Mellor wins National Telstra Art Award

Pune (India) youth dies from Tamiflu side effects

Mystery Virus Kills 137 in India

New Taser gun can fire 100ft.



Food Shortages Coming to America?

CJD Found in Recalled Blood Donations from USA & BSE Untested Meat

Mercury Found In ALL Fish In 300 US Streams

Antibiotic Resistance At Factory Farms Scares Scientists



Bill Weakens, 2 Killed by Massive Waves

Tropical Storm Hilda Moving West; Tracking South of Hawaii

Earthquakes Near and Far Shake Up Alaska Wells

Drought is the New Normal

Despair as Drought Cripples ‘Australia’s Mississippi’

China Drought Leaves 5 Million Short of Water


Wars and rumors of wars

Showdown With Russia And China: U.S. Advances First Strike Global Missile Shield System

EMP Threatens Power Shutdown For Months

U.N. agencies assisting civilians trapped in Yemen’s fighting

U.N. World Food Programme distributes emergency rations in Yemen

Over 100,000 People Displaced By Yemen Fighting: U.N.

Is Iran gas ban a step toward war?

Georgia Seizes Ships



20 Foods That Make You Smarter

Heart Disease Warning – Oxycholesterol Found In Junk Food

Mercury Found In ALL Fish In 300 US Streams

Antibiotic Resistance At Factory Farms Scares Scientists



If An Autonomous Robot Kills Someone, Who Is Responsible?

Lying Robots: Step One on the Road to Robot Apocalypse



Fibre Optics To Detect Sound Of Terror

Is This The Face Of Jesus Christ? David Flynn Analyzes The Shroud


Christians, here come the lions – by Pat Boone




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