The Prophetic View News! – August 31, 2009

A 'Perfect' Tragic Storm -  L.A., California fires - 090830

America, The Babylon

The Secret History Of Hurricane Katrina: There Was Nothing Natural About The Disaster That Befell New Orleans In Katrina’s Aftermath

Hip Hop Jay-Z’s Latest Satanic Message

Paganism And Witchcraft Growing In Youth Culture

Forced Vaccines, Quarantine, Health Interrogations, Decontaminations

More On Internment Camps

Congress Seeks To Authorize & Legalize FEMA Camp Facilities

Acoustic Weapons – Death By Cortisol?

DHS: Agents may seize your PC without reason

A “Dark Winter” For Public Health: Meet Homeland Security’s New Bioterror Czarina

Obamacare: A Pretext For Centralized Government Intrusion Into Personal Privacy

Lake Charles, Louisiana Police Chief wants CCTV in local bars

Texas Adult Protective Services Kidnap Elderly Couple

Scientist Tells Swedish TV: WHO Pandemic Criteria Lowered to Benefit Big Pharma

FEMA: Gunmen to be Deputized to Help Administer Vaccines

Get flu shot or get fired!

America’s Most Stressed-Out Cities

Could Modern Science Play a Role in the Coming of Apollo?

A Primer on “Martial Law”

College Kids Recruited to Join Obama’s ‘Army’


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Read It Before It Is [Further] Banned By The US Government

Who’s watching you? You don’t want to know

DHS: Agents may seize your PC without reason

Makow – Liberal Jews, Sex & The New Satanic Order

Was Bubonic Plague The Knight’s Templar’s Revenge?

Have You Heard About The Company That Runs Britain?

Google Plans World’s Biggest Online Library

Man-Made Volcanoes May Cool Earth

Temple Altar Construction Begins on Day of Destruction

‘Evangelical Christians’ Now Thanking Allah

112 CCTV cameras turn UK flats into ‘Big Brother’ houses – tenants fume

Rothschild Pitches UK Highway System Privatization

Doctors admit “wild euthanasia” being practiced in Czech hospitals

UK Climate Change supercomputer has the carbon foot-print of 1000 homes



Fire Threatens Major Communications Facilities; 22 TV Stations, 25 Radio Stations

2 Firefighters Killed Amid Massive Calif. Wildfire; L.A. Broadcast Towers Threatened

Wildfire Near Los Angeles Surges in All Directions, Threatening 12,000 Homes

Fire Threatens Major Communications Facilities

Hurricane Jimena Hits Cat 4 Strength

Dangerous Hurricane Jimena Roars Toward Mexico

Quake Fault Found Near Memphis, Far from New Madrid Area

Early Morning Earthquake in South Carolina

Summer has gone AWOL

Okla. Earthquakes Puzzle Geologist

Climate Trouble May be Bubbling up in Far North

Chain of Volcanoes Rumbles in Russian Far East

El Niño Weather Pattern Likely to Continue into 2010



Economic and Financial Alchemy: 3 Trends to Follow in the Next 90 Days

US jobless claims jump for a second week

Banks Hiding Tsunami of Foreclosures?

Even Higher Taxes Coming for Californians

Is Hyperinflation on the Way? We’re Spending Like There’s No Tomorrow.

Downturn Dims Prospects Even at Top Law Schools

You Drive Me Crazy: What Layoffs Do to a Marriage

The Secret That Will Destroy the World’s Financial System


Wars and rumors of wars

Australia Probes North Korean Weapons Shipment

US Dumps ‘Missile Shield’ Plan For East Europe

Iran-Bound N Korean Arms Seized In UAE

‘Arctic Sea’ Carried Illegal Arms – Russian General

More than 24 million Russians live in poverty



US Agriculture Taking It On The Chin

‘Late Blight’ is Farmers version of terrorism

Frost Wipes Out Wine on the Vine – Disaster Declared

Millions Facing Famine In Ethiopia As Rains Fail

Climate Change May End India’s Monsoons

Severe Drought Hurts China’s Drinking Water Supply

Iraqi Drought Called Worst Since “Earliest Days of Civilization”



Plasmobot: Scientists To Design First Biological Robot

AMAZING – High-Speed Robot Hand – Video

Google ‘evangelist’ see web/brain implant link


Got Health?

Baby bottles sold as “BPA-free” contain bishphenol A

Anti-Obesity ‘Wonder Drug’ May Harm Liver

Is Dirt the New Prozac?

How the City Hurts Your Brain



These People Are Ready For Anything, Including TEOTWAWKI:
The End Of The World, As We Know It

Molecule, Million X Smaller Than Grain Of Sand, Imaged

Police Baffled as Dozens of ‘Suicidal’ Cows Throw Themselves Off Cliff in the Alps

Even Neighborhood Watch No Match for Killer Asteroids


An Introduction to Conspiratorial History


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