The Prophetic View News! – September 2-3, 2009

Enemy of the State: 2009

America, The Babylon

Pandemic Bill Allows Health Authorities To Enter Homes, Detain Without Warrant

Enforcement Agencies Preparing For Riots, Crowd-Control Demand

Florida and Iowa Quarantine Documents

2006 IBM Document Announcing A Coming Pandemic

Sodomite Indoctrination Now MANDATORY

Big Brother Barack: Students Must Read Books About Him Prior to National School Address

Obama’s Classroom Campaign: No Junior Lobbyist Left Behind – Get the Classroom Agendas here: Grades preK-6 and Grades 7-12

Russian Professor: Collapse of America Could Begin in 2 Months

US legal doc from May paves way for forced mass vaccinations on orders of WHO

INTERACTIVE MAP: Follow the flames as the Station Fire grows

Crews Probe Point of Origin as Fire Marches East

Firefighters Wage 5-Day Battle to Save Mt. Wilson Observatory

Firefighters Gain on Raging Blaze Near Los Angeles

Nuclear Sites Fear They’re the Alternative to Yucca Mountain

Running Out of Room, Nuke Waste Now Stored Outside Reactor

Shot at Nuclear Fuel Truck Troubles Watchdog Group

Obama to Make Unprecedented Address to All Public School Students September 8

Cardiologists Crying Foul Over Obama Medicare Cuts

Secret Camps and Guillotines? Groups Make Birthers Look Sane

The Enemy Is Us

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport

Obama Hosts Tuesday Dinner to Celebrate Ramadan

Seller, Beware: Feds Cracking Down on Secondhand Sales of Some Products

Larry Grathwohl on Ayers’ Plan for American Re-Education Camps and the Need to Kill Millions – video



The Book of Revelation Unfolds

We’re All Mutants, Say Scientists

You’d better sit down for this one…

Blackjack: An interesting story?

Even Bible Scholars Are Asking — Is 2012 The End Of The World?

Massive Canaanite Walls Reveal Jerusalem’s Might Long Before King David Was Crowned

3,700-year-old Wall Discovered in Jerusalem

Flashback: Is The Temple Mount God’s Timebomb?

Obama Appears Set To Give Temple Mount And The Tomb Of Jesus To Forces Of Allah

Obama Blesses Muslims, Ramadan As Israel Envoy Looks On

White House Seeks to Archive Comments on its Facebook, YouTube, MySpace Sites

Dollar Is Funny Money in Push for World Currency

First Designer Baby Born From New Egg-Screening Technique

Inside a Creepy Global Body Parts Business

UN Boss Visits Globalist Seed Vault

Homeland Security Called out to Catch Bank Robber

Psychology Today Hit Piece Labels Conspiracy Thinking A Psychotic Illness

German Scientists Call For “World Climate Bank”

Monkey DNA Swap Paves Way To Engineered Babies

Nephilim Becomes You. How Nanotechnology Will Play A Role In Repeating What The Watchers Did

Deciphering The Secrets Of Watchers: Doctor Believes Artificial Life Is Just Months Away

Take Note: Back-Up Plan For Saving The World Is No Joke

Biometric scanners to keep Indian bureaucrats on time

RFID Chip to Detect Swine Flu Virus?

You Won’t Believe Who Muslims Promote as ‘Antichrist’

Solana: Israel to Agree to Freeze Before UN Meets

The 1001 Club and the World Wildlife Fund

BP Makes ‘Giant’ Oil Discovery in Gulf of Mexico

Space Mirrors, Reactive Rocks May Be Needed in Climate Plan ‘B’

Update of Popular ‘NIV’ Bible Due in 2011

Surveillance On A Gradual And Incessant Creep

Remote Viewing Makes UK MSM

IT departments have a deadly new weapon in their war on workers

Makow – Women Duped To Seek Power, Not Love



Cerberus to Bar Withdrawals from Two Funds

Hong Kong Recalls Gold Reserves, Says It Can Store It at Home

The 1-3-6 Rule and Gold Begins to Move

US joblessness soars as companies squeeze workers

The Coming Deposit Insurance Bailout

Czar: ‘Spread the Wealth! Change the Whole System’

Mike Whitney: Band-Aids for the Recession

Calls for Unemployment Aid Crash Oklahoma Website

China’s Derivative Default Stance Rattles Banks

China Invokes a “Stop Loss” on OTC Derivatives

Will Biometric Passports Lead to a State of Constant Surveillance?

Global Electronic Concentration Camp!

The $531 Trillion Dollar Derivatives Time Bomb

Americans’ Income Slump Biggest on Record

Zombie Suppliers Haunt Manufacturing Sector

Italian Banks May Take Ham and Wine as Collateral

The Renminbi as a Reserve Currency (Part 1)

Barton Biggs Turns Bearish

Hit Me Again

Why Investors are Hoarding Gold – flashback

Will Gold Reach $5000 Plus?

Peter Schiff On CNBC Fast Money – video

Small Retailers Feel Sharper Pinch

Loan Sharks Circle Credit-Starved Consumers

World’s Stocks Controlled by Select Few

The Bananas are Back



World’s Deadliest Volcanoes

57 Dead, Dozens Missing After Indonesia Quake

7.0 Java Quake Kills at Least 32, Injures Scores

Cat. 2 Jimena Swirls Past Southern Baja Resorts

Tropical Storm Erika forms in Atlantic

California Fire Battle Far from Over

Two Weeks Needed To Contain CA Wildfires

Flames Close in on Two Sides of Mt. Wilson

Drought, Intense Heat is Killing Texas Trees

Waterspout Hits Galveston as Tornado

6 Kamchatka Volcanoes Exhibit Activity Simultaneously for the First Time in 60 Years

Summer of 2009 one of 15 coolest ever


Wars and rumors of wars

Russia Confirms MiG-29M Sale to Syria

The US’s ‘arc of instability’ just gets bigger

U.S. to send “trigger-pullers” to Afghanistan

Bomb Exploded Outside Athens Stock Exchange

China Tightens Grip on Rare Minerals

As Hybrid Cars Gobble Rare Metals, Shortage Looms

DARPA Wants Morphing Helicopter Blades By Yesterday

Rise Of Mercenary Armies Menace World

Colombia – US-NATO Beachhead In South America

World’s Smallest Laser Created By Scientists



US In Water Trouble – A Future With No Future

Scared By Frankenfoods? Just Wait For Nanofoods!

Supermarkets Pave Way For Introduction Of Frankenfoods

Tesco ‘will not stock GM foods’ because the public doesn’t want them

Farmers say no to dangerous GM fruits, veggies

Supermarkets In ‘Secret Talks To Introduce GM Foods
To The Store Shelves’

Supermarkets Pave Way for Intro of GM food to UK

China Grain Harvest is at Risk from Worst Drought in Recent Years

When Cocaine And Monsanto’s Roundup Collide, War On Drugs Becomes A Genetically Modified War On Science

California’s Man-Made Drought



The telepathy chip that lets you turn on the TV with the power of thought

Your Cyborg Eye Will Talk To You

Brits Develop Seeing-Eye Tongue

National Science Foundation Awards $1.4 Million For
GenoCAD Development

At The Outset Of The Golden Era Of Biotech

Bionic Brain Chips Could Overcome Paralysis

Can Robots Be Created With A “Sixth Sense”?

Augmented Reality In A Contact Lens


Got Health?

Artificial Sweeteners HELP You Gain Weight

Aspirin Does More Harm Than Good In The Healthy

Men Should Avoid Prostate Cancer PSA Screening

CT Scans Cause Cancer

Chemo Fails to Treat Pancreatic Cancer


In The Heavens

Galaxy ‘Cannibalism’ Revealed

Father Snaps Meteor on Camera Phone as it Speeds Across Sky

For the Best Stargazing on Earth, Send Robots to Antarctica



Tennessee Teen’s Tears of Blood Baffle Doctors

Pet-Owners Encouraged to Buy Earthquake Kits for Cats and Dogs

Telegraphs ran on ‘electric’ air in crazy 1859 Magnetic Storm

NASA’s Most Awesomely Weird ‘Mission Patches’

Makow – Women Duped To Seek Power, Not Love


A History of Involuntary Human Experimentation


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