The Prophetic View News! – September 7-8, 2009


The Blood of the Saints

Christians Arrested, Tried for Helping Sichuan Earthquake Victims

Understanding the Error of Spiritual Formation


America, The Babylon

Martial Law Alert Over Swine Flu

Camps For Dissidents Readied

34 Million People Have Been Harvested


Is This Our Future: Mandatory Community Service, a Three-Legged Purpose Driven Plan, and a Brave New World?

IN DEPTH: The Truth Of Iraq’s City Of Deformed Babies

Obama To Allow Communist Chinese Flag To Be Raised Over South Lawn Of The White House

Globalists Continue Take Over Of US Tollroads

Rage Against the Obama Propaganda Machine

Want a Wiretap Warrant? No Problem, Court Says

But If The Paganism At Your Church Isn’t Satanic Enough For You, Head To The Burning Man Fest This Weekend

Ft. Lee military police deal with mock protestors as part of ‘anti-terrorism’ exercise

WH Reverses Call For Students To ‘Help’ Obama

FTC orders Daniel Chapter One to lie to customers about cancer remedies; company defends health freedom

Wall St Moves To Cash In On Death

Health Care Bill Gives Obama Power to Appoint Government Commissioner With Sweeping Power to Dictate Health Coverage

Trucks Carrying Nuclear Weapons Around The Country Revealed (PHOTOS)

Do Viewers Know About “Knowing”?

Former Judge Indicted on Sex and Ethics Charges

Lawmakers: School kids Must Study ‘Sexual Predator’


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Does Wednesday, September 9, 2009 Hold Significance? ( 9.9.9.)

UN Says New Currency Needed to Fix Broken ‘Confidence Game’

Benedict XVI is second-to-last Pope, says Irish Prophet Malachy

The Internet is slowly being censored, filtered, and throttled: Why are our corporate governments trying to control information?

Enoch’s 70 generations


Ayatollah Khamenei: Repeated US Failures Show Formation Of New World Order

Expanding the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas

German Government Advisor Proposes Personal CO2 Budget For Everyone On Planet

Sarkozy Considers Punitive Carbon Tax On French People

Irish Government Moves to Impose Carbon Tax

Google Algorithm Predicts When Species Will Go 404: Not Found

Deceitful Messages Coming Out Of Friday’s G-20 Meeting

Royal Society Warns That Climate Engineering Could Result In Mass Starvation

US Aid for Road Sign Plan – Towards a PA State

No More Faith Of Our Fathers As Occultianity Abounds

Secret US Spontaneous Human Combustion Beam Tested

Rebellion-B-Gone: Chemical Neurowarfare

Web-monitoring software gathers data on kid chats

UK Secret Plan To Send Kids To ‘Fat Camps’

‘More Newborns Should Be Taken From Parents’

Artificial Blood: Coming Soon to An Artery Near You

Humans ‘Evolved’ To Believe In God?

Where Do We Go From Here?



A Laborious Week

Central bankers empower global standards, raise liquidity requirements

Mad, Mad World

Top 25 Banks by Loan Portfolio

How safe is my FDIC insured bank account? Here’s your answer

China Pushes Masses to Buy Silver and Gold

China to Buy First IMF Bonds for 50 Billion Dollars

China and the Buzz of a Pending Bank Default

Chinese Sovereign Wealth Fund Dumping Dollars for Strategic Investments Like Gold

States Shut Down to Save Cash

Unemployment rate reaches a 26-year high

A Protracted Period of “Economic Adjustment”: How Bad Will It Get?

Predicting Worse Ahead From America’s Economic Crisis

Big banks grow more powerful under Obama

The Widening Gap In America’s Now Two-Tiered Society

Gold: Separation Before Liftoff



Apocalypse Now: Floods, Tornadoes, Locusts

Australia’s Warm Winter a Record

Farmer’s Almanac predicts “Ice-Cold-Sandwich” winter

Heavy Flooding Hits 350,000 in Africa, Killing at Least 32

Strong Quake Hits Albania and Macedonia

Indonesia: There Could be 100 Earthquake Victims

First Fires, Now L.A. Hit With Floods, Too

L.A.’s Nature Haven, Reduced to Wasteland

4.0 Quake Shakes Central California



Food Aid Grows in California’s Agricultural Heart

Monsanto Is Leading The Way

Texas Drought Hits Farmers

Israeli consumers at risk from Genetically Modified foods


Wars and rumors of wars

This Will Not End Well

Flash flood from North Korea surprises South

IDF preparing for US missile systems

Bank of Israel doubles foreign currency purchases

New Threat: Hizbullah Chemical War on Israel

Yemen: “My children cry out for food day and night”

India, Pakistan back to cold war-like situation

Confronting Russia? US Marines In The Caucasus

US And Australia Invite China To War Games

U.S.: N. Korea Nuke Claim ‘Subject of Concern’

Obama, Netanyahu Destined to Clash

Venezuela’s Jewish Community Fear the Worst is Yet to Come

Iraq Sends Thousands More Police to Syrian Border

Iran: Nuclear Cooperation Part of Proposals to Powers

Iran Accuses US of Forging Nuclear Documents

Ship ‘Hijacked’ Near U.K. Carried Russian Missiles for Iran

Critics March Against Chavez Across Latin America

Hugo Chavez Cements Control of Venezuela

Ahmadinejad and Chavez Vow to Strengthen Ties, Stand Together Against U.S.

Questions About The SU 27 Crash At Polish Air Show

US Use Of Radioactive DU In Afghanistan Exposed

Northern Ireland At Risk Of Race War

US Fury As Israel Defies Settlement Freeze Call

90 Arrested in U.K. in Racially Charged Clashes



Scientist: Human Brain Could Be Replicated In 10 Years

Scientists Clone Oldest Living Organism

‘Smart Cities’ To Digitally Integrate Minds, Networks

Ten Ways That New Technology Could Wind Up Killing Us All

The Singularity And The Fixed Point: The Importance Of Engineering Motivation Into Intelligence

Russian oil production overtakes Saudi Arabia


Got Health?

Flesh-Eating Superbug Killed Dad In 4 HOURS

Half of Fish Consumed Globally Now Farm-Raised

Genetically Modified Fish Could be Toxic to Your Health

That Late-night Snack: Worse Than You Think

Epidemic – Brain Damage From Cell Phone Radiation

Virus Tied To Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Drug Side-Effects – 20% Hospital Readmissions

Suicidal Thoughts and Rage Associated With Antidepressants and Smoking Cessation Drugs

Eating Broccoli May Prevent Strokes, Heart Attacks

Insect repellent DEET is toxic to brain cells

Acid or Alkaline: Why Your Health Depends on It

Stopping to Smell the Roses Really can Relieve Stress

“Mock-up” pandemic vaccines bypass genuine safety testing, turning population into guinea pigs

Healthy People Taking Antibiotics May Spread Superbug Infection

Mobile Phone Text Messaging Is Making Children More Impulsive, Claim Researchers


In The Heavens

Huge Solar Storm Could Hit Earth Again

UFO Taped By China Scientists For 40 Minutes

UFO Craft Taped During Solar Eclipse

UFOs Over China – May Officially Disclose Soon



13 More Things That Don’t Make Sense

(click on pics for complete articles)

Lost World – Fanged Frogs, Giant Rats In New Guinea

Tesla Tech –  Cordless Future For Electricity?

Use Your iPhone to Help Scientists Track Crickets in NYC

NASA Confirms Antimatter Experiments In Space For 2010

Prepare for the Big One, Northern Utahans Warned

ShakeOut Officials Ready for Bigger One

‘Significant Crack’ Found in San Francisco Bay Bridge


The Perfect Mind Control Device


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