The Prophetic View News! – September 9-10, 2009


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

India Compiling World’s Largest Biometric Database

Obama To Seal US/UN Marriage

To Know Everything About You…

EU Prepares for “Transformational Agenda”

VeriChip Corporation Agrees to Acquire Steel Vault Corporation to Form PositiveID Corporation: Implantable Microchips To Form Steel Vault ID In Fulfillment Of Prophecy

Excerpt: Unedited Outtake from the Rough Draft of Tom Horn’s Upcoming New Book Apollyon Rising 2012 Concerning the “Prophecy of the Popes” by St. Malachy

Getting ‘off the grid’ isn’t easy to do

Premature baby ‘left to die’ by doctors after mother gives birth just two days before 22-week care limit

Scientists Levitating Small Animals

‘Liposuction Leftovers’ Converted to Stem Cells


America, The Babylon

The Federal Reserve Wants You Chipped! Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank Exhibit “Money In Motion” video

Is Another 9/11 Set To Unfold? No, Something Much Worse Say Experts

Pandemic, Inc., Government’s Sledgehammer Control

Czars Are UnConstitutional

Red Flag to Fly Over White House

USA Sick and Ready to Collapse for Three Reasons

US Government To Fine You $300.00 Per Month For Going Without Health Insurance?

DHS seeks to enlist help of 3.4 million strong Girl Scouts Organization

Federal Government Needs Massive Hiring Binge of 600,000 New Workers

Ground broken on $3.4 billion Homeland Security complex

How Governments Are Able To Round-up And Exterminate Their Citizens



Uh, Oh 9/9/9 the Date of Destiny!!!

Reality Excluded

The Great Fakeroo Recovery

‘Millions’ of fore- closures to come

Job Openings Down 50% from Their Peak in 2007

The Card Game – Overspending on Debit Cards Is a Boon for Banks

Why $200 Oil Is Just Around the Corner

AZ State treasurer criticizes sale of state Capitol buildings

Study: 2 Out of 5 Working-Age Californians Jobless

Post Office Closures Threat Adds to Property Market Woe

Backlash Against Banks Growing Over Mortgage Modifications

Dollar’s Fate Written in History

The Dollar Collapses

China Admits Gold’s Monetary Role: Time to Buy

Momentum ushers gold above $1,000/oz

Inflation and the Fall of the Roman Empire

A year after financial crisis, a new world order emerges

Possible October Surprises


Wars and Rumors of Wars

U.S. Preparing for N. Korea Collapse Scenario: CSIS Report

Pakistan Seeks Additional Nuclear-Weapon Capabilities, Analysts Assert

Israel’s Inner Cabinet Focuses on Iran, PM Netanyahu Tours Security Facility

Huge 600lb Bomb Found Planted in Northern Ireland

Hezbollah Found to Have Chemical Weapons

Iranian Atomic Work Nears Bomb Capability, U.S. Says

Seoul renews demand for NKorean apology over flood

E-bomb Doomsday Conference Starts



Guatemala Declares Calamity as Food Crisis Grows

Food Scarcity to Bring Down World Governments, Cause Global Chaos

Food Fertilizer Features (Gulp!) Urine

Tea Shortage to Widen 10% as India, Kenya Droughts Hurt Crops

Support for GM food ban slips

Chickens Not Fooled By Genetically Modified Crops

Why GMO Foods May Not Be Better Than Ones God Made



Earthquakes and Volcanoes Role in Prophecy

Fred Becomes Category 3 Storm

Wildfire More Than Twice the Size of Sacramento

Freak ‘Tornado’ Kills 16 in Argentina, Brazil

32 Dead in Turkey’s ‘Disaster of the Century’ Floods

Kenya’s Elephants Dying Amid Drought

Blaze Could Signal Conflagration Ahead When Santa Anas Hit

Heavy Flooding Hits 350,000 in Africa, Killing at Least 32

Strong Quake Hits Albania and Macedonia

Kanlaon Volcano Shows Restiveness

Second Ruptured Water Line in San Fernando Valley Raises Concerns


Got Health?

1918 Influenza: A Treatment That Worked

FDA panel urges HPV vaccine be given to boys

Of Tesla And Wireless Power

Titanium dioxide in vitamins and supplements: Is it safe for human consumption?

Researchers Wage Communication Warfare On Bacteria



Homo Sapiens’ Last Invention: The First Self-Replicating Intelligent Machine

Complete Genomics: Nearly Doubled Sequenced Human Genomes Since March

Taking The NanoPulse — Put A Little Nano In Your Tank

First Dogs, Then You? Compulsory Microchipping Gets Leg Up


In The Heavens

Death by Superflare?

Sun-Caused Global Warming

150 Years Ago: The Worst Solar Storm Ever

Are Sunspots Disappearing?

UV Radiation to Rise 20%, Scientists Warn

What Global Hotspots are Most at Risk of Getting Hit by an Asteroid?

Life Under Threat as More Ultraviolet Radiation to Hit Earth

Planet Found That Defies Laws Of Physics

Hidden Galaxy Discovered Orbiting The Milky Way

Spectacular New Photos From Hubble

Antimatter: The Cosmos Answer To Red Bull



20 most bizarre Craigslist adverts of all time

The New Survivalists: Oregon ‘Preppers’ Stockpile Guns and Food in Fear of Calamity

U.S. Army Accidentally Grows Weed in Colo.

Colorado Ranchers Dangerous When Cornered

Egyptian Temples Precisely Aligned

Forgotten Memories Are Still In Your Brain

Microsoft Vista flaw allows for PC takeover

Never Talk to the Police – video


The Two Babylons – by Alexander Hislop


2 Responses to “The Prophetic View News! – September 9-10, 2009”

  1. October 22, 2009 at 11:45 am

    But it’s not clear that people understand what it means. ,

  2. 2 narrowwayministries
    October 22, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    What is the it that you’re referring too?
    Please tell me a little bit more on what you mean.


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