The Prophetic View News! – September 16-17, 2009

"The Eye of God"

"The Eye of God"


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Netanyahu: The Land of Israel Will be Divided – see Joel 3:2

Goat Gives Birth To A ‘Human’ Faun

New World Order To Be Ruled By Genetic Engineering Corps

Japan Scientists Create 3-D Images You Can Touch

Crisis Makes Europe Richest Region In The World, Study Says

Push for Globalism Continues

The Science Cartel vs. Immanuel Velikovsk

Indonesian adulterers to be stoned to death under ‘sharia’ law

Islam on Capital Hill – “Our Time has Come”

Dubai, Gulf Glimpse Of A New World Order

Iran Hopes for a New World Order

Scientists Ponder Creating “Quantum Creatures” In Lab

Human-made Crises ‘Outrunning Our Ability To Deal With Them,’ Scientists Warn

Porta Alchemica: An Alchemist’s “Magic Door” Stands In The Middle Of A Roman Park


America, The Babylon

Meet the new boss: “The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”

The Death of Liberty: The Final Scene Unfolds

In Violation of the Constitution: Obama Takes on Chairmanship of UN Security Council

Political Puppets: The Banker’s Manifesto And The Business Party

Police To Get Access To Classified Intelligence

H.R. 45 Introduced in Congress – Requires Physical and Mental Eval of Gun Owners

White House Collects Web-Users Data At Will, Without Notice

‘Emergency’ Arranged As End Of America As A Republic

1984 in 2009: Gen. Dynamics Sets Up “Psy-Op” Websites To Support War On Terror

1984 in 2009: Vehicle Tracking, Taxing Bill In House

The Ego Epidemic: More Women Sense Own “Fabulousness”

Move To Make Sex With Animals Accepted?

CDC Mixes H1N1Virus with H5N1Virus In Lab Tests



Looming Global Debt Crisis

5 Reasons for Caution in the Stock Market and Housing Casino

WARNING: Deflationary Collapse Dead Ahead

Quick Flashback: Insiders sell like there’s no tomorrow

Long Beach Monthly TEU Report: No Christmas For You America

Which Crisis?

U.S. Credit Card Defaults Up, Signal Consumer Stress

Mortgage Problems are Walloping Americans’ Credit Scores

Could China Propel Gold to $2,000?

‘It Is Dangerous to Think the Financial Crisis Is Already Behind Us

Passionate Plea from Asia

Garfield Gets It

Peter Schiff Says Deflation Will be BIG . . . When You Measure It in Gold! – video

Money Market Funds No Longer Guaranteed

The CPI Report for August: Things you Use and Need


Wars and Rumors of Wars

Celente: Revolution Next for U.S. – video

U.S. Invades Somalia

Obama Scrapping U.S. Missile Shield in Europe

Surrender Called ‘Shameful Abandonment’

…May Embolden Russia Hawks

Russia to Develop S-500 Air Defense System Soon

Sarkozy First to Admit: Iran Working on Nukes

Gates: China Could Undermine US Military Power in Pacific

Israel ‘Will Attack Iran’ Very Soon If West Does Not Cripple Tehran With Sanctions

To Bomb, Or To Bunker? Israel’s Iran Choices Narrow

China And India Warned Over Emissions By US

Lockheed Debuts Concept for a Stealthy Drone



Just Say NO To Antibacterial Burgers

Life Without Bumblebees? It’s Not Just The Honeybees That’s Mysteriously Dying



Why Red-Colored Snow on the Rockies is a Major Warning Sign

Chemtrails Validated, Documented By The History Channel – Vid

Global Warming May Bring Tsunami and Quakes: Scientists

Earth’s Oceans Had Warmest Summer on Record

Lava Maps Cause Angst on Hawaiian Island

Double Vents Seen at Kilauea Volcano

Global Warming Cynicism Rises, Backed By Evidence


i- Robot?

Machine Rebellion Begins: Killer Robot Destroyed By US Jet

Can Robots Make Ethical Decisions?

Time Magazine Looks At The Near Future Of Human Enhancement

Brain Science To Help Teachers Get Into Kids’ Heads


Got Health?

Toxic Chemicals in the Everyday Stuff We Use

Chinese Herbs Prove Effective in the Cure of Influenza A (H1N1)

Mexico’s Superb Health Care Lures Americans

Most Doctors And Nurses Too Busy To Wash Their Hands

Rabies Problems Increasing – US And World Update

Shower Heads Harbor Lung Disease Germs

2,000 UK schoolgirls suffer ill-effects of cervical cancer vaccine


In the Heavens

Night Time Artificial Cloud Study Using NASA Sounding Rocket

The Electric Universe Versus The Big Bang

Scientists Discover First Rocky Planet

Kepler And The Search For Life In Our Galaxy


Extra! Extra!

Is The Starchild Skull Really From A Human-Alien Hybrid?

Male bass in many US rivers feminized, study finds

Cloaking Device

First Detailed Photos of Atoms

Mission Accomplished: Electric Motorcycle Hits 150 mph


Disaster Preparedness: Principles of Self-Sufficiency


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