The Prophetic View News! – September 21-22, 2009

Ireland Now - U.S. Later?
Ireland Now – U.S. Later?


The Blood of the Saints

60,000 Pray In Times Square!

Exposed: The scientific impossibility of evolution

What Darwin Didn’t Know

Elderly Pro-life Activist Attacked, Injured in Flagstaff, AZ

Christian Hoteliers In Court For Talking Religion To Muslims

Christian Nurse Removed from Frontline Duty for Wearing Cross Necklace


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Hand Signs Of Masonic ‘Leaders’ – Video

Prince Charles Call For “Gigantic Partnership” Of Governments Administered By The World Bank

United Nations plans to emerge as the controlling government: How declaring a pandemic enlarges the UN’s power

Forced vaccination “theoretically” possible in UK, government admits

Forgetful Patients To Be Microchipped

Controlling YOU Through Your DNA: The Ultimate Biometric Lockout Comes

Behold The Master Copy! Book Explores What Would Happen If Christ Returned to Earth Through Cloning

Matrix Alert! Artificial Intelligence To Monitor Public For Abnormal Behavior

Obama Looks To Set “World” Regulations

UK’s Brown Calls For New Economic Order

UN plans ‘shock therapy’ for World Leaders

Clinton Sees Need For ‘Global Architecture of Cooperation’

Ireland: 100 Reasons to Vote ‘NO’ to the Lisbon treaty

EU’s Barroso Warns Ireland Again


What Private Property?

Obama, Netanyahu, Abbas To Meet Amid Tensions

NATO Offers To Include Russia In Defense Planning

China calls for more babies…

‘Birth Control Is Remedy For Climate Change’

Use Of Swine Flu To Advocate Transhumanism Vaccine

A “kinder, gentler” Freemasonry?

Making Surveillance ‘Cool’ For Kids & Parents Too!

Bill Gates Unleashes New Round Of Grants On Experimental Genetic Modification Vaccines

One Giant Step For Nanotechnology

Mind-Reading Through The Eyes

Illusionist Sticks Audience To Chairs Via Suggestion


America, The Babylon

Prepetorial #23: Silence is Golden

Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams – Occult Mind Control

Insidious Music Cadences Mesmerize, Entrain The Populace

MSN hypes microchip that allows 24/7 surveillance-as cool gadget

Next-Generation System For Detecting Suspects In Public Settings Sparks Privacy Concerns

Uncle Sam Eyes Vehicle Tracking Tax

5 Freedom-Killing Hate Bills On The Move In Congress

CO & TX Rabies Alert – Serious Public Health Threat

Will Texas Education Board Get By With Replacing Christmas And Rosh Hashanah With Hindu Holiday Of Diwali?

Massachusetts bill would grant health officials emergency powers


‘Gay’ Curriculum Challenges Students’ Faith

75% OK HS Students Can’t Name First US President

Michele – ‘Women Burdened Having To Care For Families’

‘Tidal Wave’ Of Homeless Students Hits Schools

Schwarz – The Sins Of Seven By Seven

Census: 150,000 Gay Couples Report They’re Married

Panamax 2009: U.S. Military Exercise to Train Soldiers to Impose Pandemic Martial Law

Non-Lethal Weapons: An Instrument Of Social Control

Microsoft Engaged in Warrantless Domestic Surveillance? – video

Another Molecular Biologist Dies Under Strange Conditions

FCC to Unveil Open Internet Plan

Jonestown Was An Illuminati Experiment



10 Big Companies Veering Towards Bankruptcy (we’re sure this article won’t hurt)

LANDMARK Decision Promises Massive Relief For Homeowners And Trouble For Banks

World to America: We Want Our Gold Back

US Backing for World Currency Stuns Markets

Japan Abandons America

California’s Financial Depression: Unemployment and Underemployment rate at Great Depression Levels

Russia’s Putin: New Global Reserve Currencies Wouldn’t Harm US

HSBC Bids Farewell to Dollar Supremacy

Option Mortgages to Explode, Officials Warn

Bankruptcy Ahead

Big Cities Bear Brunt of Cuts

The U.S. Balance Sheet: Households See Net Worth Down by $12 Trillion Since Peak and Total Debt Floating in the Market of $33 Trillion.

It’s Not Gonna Fly

China Weighs Purchase of IMF Gold

Jim Willie: Gold and Silver Reisistance

China is hiring, and young Americans are going

New Trojan Virus Poses Online Banking Threat


Wars and Rumors of Wars

US Ships Arrive Ahead of Joint Missile Defense Drill

Mexican Coke Wars Deadlier All The Time

Russia Drops Missile Deployment Plans Near Poland

In Historic Move, Ecuador Shuts US Military Base

Turkey and Russia Moving Closer

Bigger Than The Cuban Missile Crises? Iran Building Backup Nuke Plant In Americas



6 Colo. Dairies Bankrupt; More to Come

Flashback: As the World Burns/How Dry We Are

Quick Flashback: Nobody Knows How Dry We Are/Burning Questions

Lush Land Dries Up, Withering Kenya’s Hopes

Iraq in throes of environmental catastrophe

Refugees because the rains never came

A wet land, a parched land

The watershed: multimedia

Struggle to make ends meet on the Nile

Desalination threat to the growing Gulf


Got Health?

Low-Level Fluoride Linked to Sperm Damage

‘Severe’ Chik Virus Coming To Europe And US

Placebo Problem Big Pharma Is Desperate To Solve

Scientists Say Individuals In Vegetative States Can Learn



8 Dead in Georgia Floods; More Missing

Deadly Southern Floods Not Letting Up Yet

Roller Coasters Swallowed Up by Flood – video

Today’s Ugly Weather Forecast – map

Longer-Term Weather Threats (graphic)

If you believe the almanacs…we’re in for a really rough winter!

Kilauea Volcano Explodes after Hybrid Earthquake

6.3 Bhutan Quake Kills at Least 7

5.5 Million Mexicans Take Part in Quake Drill

5.1 Earthquake in Mexico Felt in San Diego, Arizona

‘Millions at Risk’ as Deltas Sink



Enter Adam, the Robot Scientist

A Life Of Its Own

Genetic Seamstress Uses Molecular Fingers To Tweak DNA

Talbot Investigates Brave New World Of Neuro Enhancement

U.K. planning ‘bug-eyed’ warriors

Robots Get Smarter By Asking For Help

RepRap 3D Printer Can Almost Make Itself

Science Fiction now possible through Biometrics developments

Nanotech safety: Smaller particles may be riskier


In The Heavens

Supermassive Black Holes: Will They Trigger One of the Most Violent Events in the Future of the Universe?

Space ‘Time Machine’ Takes First Glimpse Into The Past

NASA Launches Rocket, Dozens Report Strange Lights

Giant star blows glowing space bubble

Tourists Witness Return of UFOs at Northern Territory

Quiet Sun A Sign Of Things To Come?

UFO Sightings Over UK More Than Triple This Year

Cracks On Mars Hint At Dried-Up Lakes

Alternative Life Systems In The Universe

Earth-Like Planet Discovered Outside Solar System

New ‘Drake Equation’ For Alien Habitats

Rare Meteorite Found in Australian Desert



Immortality Only 20 Years Away, Scientist

The DNA Mystery: Scientists Stumped By “Telepathic” Abilities

Waterproof Nanotech Sand Could Change Deserts Into Farms

DNA and Memories Stored in Former Swiss Nuclear Shelter

Magnetism Observed in Gas for the First Time

Surge in Supercats as Domestic Pets Breed with Wild Animals

The Secrets Inside Your Dogs’ Mind


The Mark of the Beast


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