The Prophetic View News! – September 28-29, 2009



The Blood of the Saints

Ancient Egypt Coins With Joseph’s Name On Them

Dozens of Pastors Challenge IRS Rules

Pastor in India Seriously Wounded by Suspected Hindu Extremists

Pakistan: Christians Fear Further Firestorms

Prison Terms Upheld for Two Christians in Ethiopia

Sri Lanka: Rash of Attacks on Christians Reported

Third Christian this Year Dies in Military Prison

Authorities Tighten Grip on Christians amid Unrest


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Ready Or Not, It Is Coming

ISIS Sees You: New Generation Minority-Report Cameras To Detect Crime Before It Happens

Bilderbergers Want Global Currency Now

Obama’s ‘Final Solution’ for Israel

Aussie PM pushes for global power shift praising China

Brazil after New World Order in economy

US/Canada Regional Economic and Energy Intergration

Earth needs “planetary boundaries” to protect it from people scientists claim

Fingerprints Not Enough For Future Security Government Systems: Extensive Use Of DNA, Forehead Scanning, Hand Scanning To Flourish

The Lost People: Amish vs NAIS – Court Proceedings

The Future Is TV-Shaped, Says Intel

Israeli Scientists: We’ve Mapped Unconscious Human Thought


America, The Babylon

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Fallen

We Are Out of Time

The ‘American Police Force’ sets up shop in Hardin, Montana

Montana Town Occupied By Private Paramilitary Security Force

Secret Surveillance Vehicle hits Staten Islands’ streets

Second Wave Of Swine Flu Pandemic Begins To Hit US

Mass Swine Flu Vaccination Could Begin Within Weeks

San Diego Naval Vessel Post-Swine Flu Shot Quarantines, Deaths, and Illnesses – NOT A HOAX

Latest On USS New Orleans(?) And Swine Flu Deaths?

Where Did the H1N1 Late-2009 Flu Season Virus Come From?

Americans Threatened With Jail Time, Huge Fines For Refusing To Buy Health Insurance

The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

Obama’s Homosexual “Safe School Czar” Tells God “Screw You, Buddy” in Memoir

Obama Science Chief: Abortion Can Save Planet

Cops, Deputies Warned Again About You Right-Wing Terrorists

Critics: Pandemic Emergency Bill Tramples Privacy Rights

Debate Rages Over Federal Control Of The Web In A Crisis

U.S. Intelligence Budget: $75 Billion, 200,000 Operatives. Fusion Centers Will Have Access to Classified Military Intelligence

Patriot Act Revs Up Again, May Expand Domestic Surveillance: Obama Mum On Civil Liberties Safeguards

Ex-Detective’s Occult Expertise Sought In Farmville Slayings

Ammo Rationing At Wal-Mart – Panic Buying In US



Houses of worship feel pressure as foreclosures soar

Housing Crash to Resume on 7 Million Foreclosures, Amherst Says

Retail Stores Closing Doors

Money figures show there’s trouble ahead

The Dead End Kids

Economic Terrorism

What If Everyone in the World Wanted a 1-oz Gold Coin?

Tehran dumps dollar for euro


Wars and Rumors of Wars

Yearning for the Golan Heights: Why Syria Wants It Back

China and Russia Undermining U.S. Power

Yom Kippur in Iran: War Games and Missile Drill

US Sends 2 New “Missile Defense” Satellites Into Orbit

Iran Fires Off Long-Range Missiles in Latest Test



Farmers Fear GM Crop Contamination



Dozens Die As Tsunamis Hit Samoa

Tsunami Strikes American Samoa After 8.3 Mag. Quake

New Madrid Worries Surface in Arkansas

Minor Earthquake Breaks Louisiana Waterline

China Quake a Once in 4000 Years Event, Study

Deadly Typhoon Ketsana Slams into Vietnam

U.S. Northeast May Have Coldest Winter in a Decade

Ballarat “Well Overdue” for a Large Volcanic Eruption

East Africa Drought in Fifth Year, Millions Hungry

Global Warming: Since People Are the Problem, Just Get Rid of Them

‘State of Calamity’ as Philippines Flooding Leaves 140 Dead

Canberra, Australia mercury sticks on 40-year low



As We Move Toward Skynet: Microsoft Researchers Uploading Biological Memory Onto Computers

Surrogates: Humanity Distanced From Civility By Technology

‘A World Where Humans Become Cyborgs’ Only 20 Years Away

Too Scary to be Real, Research Looks to Quantify Eeriness in Virtual Characters

A Simpler, Gentler Robotic Grip

Aubrey De Grey On “The Singularity” And “The Methuselarity”


In The Heavens

UFO Sighting by Multiple Witnesses in Lebanon, Photos

Aliens In The News

Deep Impact And Other Spacecraft Find Clear Evidence Of Water On Moon


Got Health?

Gardasil Suspended By UK After 14 Yr Old Killed

Tamiflu Metabolite In Japan Sewage, River Water

Diabetes Drug Could Cause Pancreatic Cancer

Ten Alternative Plants that Cleanse the Liver, Part I


Extra! Extra!

850 New Species Discovered Living Underground

Humans vs Animals: Our Fiercest Battles With Invasive Species

Mayans ‘Played’ Pyramids to Make Music for Rain God

Crowd Control: How The ‘Sonic Cannon’ Works

Subliminal Messages Work Best When Negative

Discovery Brings New Type Of Fast Computers To Reality


John Quincy Adams 4th of July Speech – 1837


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