The Prophetic View News! – October 5-6, 2009




The Blood of the Saints

Persecution More Than Plausible; It’s Biblical

Lighthouse Trails Research Project Newsletter – October 5, 2009

Islamic Groups Shut Down Worship of Church in Indonesia

Religious Illiteracy Alarms Educators

Time: Conservative Bible Project ‘Insane’ but ‘Green Bible’ Evangelical-friendly

Oprah in Clash of Titans


America, The Babylon

The Great Poisoning of America Begins: October, 2009

Trestleboard Secrets

Into The Dark: America’s Descent Into A Police State

Big Brother Continues To Spy On American Public

Extremely Invasive Body Scanners Being Installed at All Major U.S. Airports

iWatch, You Watch, We All Watch, Each Other

One More Step Toward Mandatory Virtual Strip Searches

Re: Hardin, MT – AFP Changes Name, Logo, & Website to “Diffuse Tension”

Disintegrating Set Of Morals Allowing American Cops To Become The Gestapo And Stormtroopers Of Yesterday

Energy Czar: Cap & Trade, One Way or Another

Will California become America’s first failed state?

U.S. Senate Candidate: Martial Law Needed In US

Will The Ghosts In “Coraline” Possess Your Kids?

FBI Programs Resurrect “Total Information Awareness”

Time: Conservative Bible Project ‘Insane’ but ‘Green Bible’ Evangelical-friendly

Perversion 101: Kids Taught ‘Gay’ Sex, Rape, Bestiality


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Irish Voters Say ‘Yes’ to European Federal Superstate

Prince Philip Implies World Needs 95% Population Reduction

Global Warming: Getting Rid of You, Me, and the Kids

Codex Alimentarius Threat To Humanity To Be Implemented December 31, 2009

The Illuminati Agenda for the Coming New Order

If the “Swine Flu” virus is new – HOW WAS IT PATENTED IN 2008?

Big Brother Is Watching You

Surveillance State ‘A Good Thing’

Oh, Oh: Scientists Want To Loosen Definition of “Brain Death”

Welcoming US Move Toward Global Governance Of internet

Global Warming Will Not Be Halted By Current Human Civilization, Warn Scientists

Prophecy Experts Prepare For Psalm 83 Mideast War

You just can’t make this stuff up: Iran’s Ahmadinejad is of Jewish heritage!

Tony Blair, the EU President No One Really Wants

Brave New Britain: Cracking That Big Biotech Whipsaw



The Demise of the Dollar

UN Calls for New Reserve Currency

Entering the Greatest Depression in History

World Bank welcomes New Economic Order from the ashes of crisis

US Economic Decline Forges New World Order

World Bank and IMF join global attack on the dollar

IMF seeks role as “global central bank”

A Cruel Deception

How the Dollar is Being Systematically Devalued Since the 1980s

Does Money Contraction Signal Serious Trouble?


Wars and Rumors of Wars

Shhh! Obama agrees to keep Israel’s nukes secret

China Vows To Stand By N Korea

Russia Deploys S-400 Air Defense System In Far East

Thinking the Unthinkable: NATO’s Global Military Roadmap

Iran War – Scenarios

The Coming War With Iran: Not If, But When



Millions Displaced By India Floods

Sumatran Earthquake: Whole Villages Sucked Into The Earth

Britain Battered by 75mph Winds

Quake Landslides Wipe out 4 Villages in Indonesia

California Quake Swarm Continues

‘Robust Sequence’ of Earthquakes Shake Eastern California

Big Quakes Weaken Faults on Other Side of Earth

Pacific Northwest has Same Volatile Zones That Led to Samoan, Indonesian Quakes

Indonesian Quake Leaves Trail of Death, Devastation

Chance of Finding Sumatra Earthquake Survivors is ‘Almost Zero’

Samoa Tsunami Lesson: Early Warning System Too Slow

Wall Collapses into Kilauea Volcano Lava Pond – video

Volcano Watch: Hualalai is 3rd Most Active Volcano in Hawaii

Volcanic Eruption ‘Could Occur Near Bundaberg’

Alaska’s Cleveland Volcano Spews Ash 20,000 Feet

Vanuatu Volcano Alert

Siberian Volcano ‘Wiped Out World’s Forests’ 250M Years Ago

Super Typhoon Parma Hits The Philippines

Storm batters Philippines – video

Typhoon Ketsana blasts Cambodia

Typhoon leaves 31 dead in Vietnam

Animated guide: Typhoon

Animated guide: Tsunamis



Food Shortage ‘Unprecedented’

The Great Drought: Disaster Looms In East Africa

Your Brain, Liver, Heart On Genetically Modified Foods

Dangers Of Genetically Modified Foods

More Americans Growing Food on Small ‘Hobby Farms’

A Sprinkling Of Nanotubes Makes Plants Shoot Up


Got Health?

Higher Autism Rates Detected: Now 1 in 100 Kids

Over one half-million children in medical emergencies from drug prescriptions every year

Trace mineral selenium helps prevent cancer

Drug Expert: Cervical Cancer Vaccine More Deadly Than The Cancer it Supposedly Prevents

Cervical cancer vaccine continues killing young …

How To Stay Sharp As A Tack

Traditional Plant Medicine Could Cure H1N1 Flu Virus, Chinese Scientists Find

Microwave Popcorn Loaded With Artificial Sweeteners

US 8 Yr Olds With Autism Up 50% In TWO Years

N America Ranks Second In Premature Births

In Health Care Today, It’s Electronic All The Way

Your Brain, Liver, Heart On Genetically Modified Foods



Transhumanists Celebrate Vulcan Science And The Woman Without A Pulse

Transgender, Transhuman, Transbeman: Uploading With Martine Rothblatt

IBM Builds ‘Bar Code Reader’ For DNA


In the Heavens

NASA to Bomb the Moon on Friday


Extra! Extra!

Nobel Winners Isolate Protein Behind Immortality

Wi-Fi Signals Used To See Through Walls

The Neural Correlates Of Religious And Nonreligious Belief


Read It Before It Is Banned By The U.S. Government – by Tom Horn


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