The Prophetic View News – November 15-16, 2009





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Recent Earthquakes Worldwide

Global Disease Alert Map

10 Prophecies Predicted in the Bible & Fulfilled in History


Free preparedness information from Millennium Ark


Hot Headlines!

Population Reduction: Globalist Endgame Begins?

London’s Sunday Express, FINALLY breaks the ‘Ukrainian Plague’ story – two weeks late:

Million Hit By ‘Plague worse than Swine Flu’

World Health Organization publishes its plans to takeover society in emergency pandemic

You Will Be Microchipped Just Like Obama’s Dogs!

Croatian Priest Says Swine Vaccines Microchipped


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Deadly Swine Flu Surge in Ontario – 24 Dead in 72 Hours

B.C. Hospitals Over Capacity with Swine Flu Patients

Something May Come Through Dimensional Doors at LHC

Animal and Human Hybrid Research Study Under Way

Genesis 2.0 -Creating Artificial Life from Scratch

Putin’s Russia — Illuminati Controlled & Corrupt

Nowhere to Hide

Improving Security with Face Recognition Technology

Did a Time-Traveling Bird Sabotage the Collider?

A Group of Satanic Trillionaires have Created the Goldilocks Matrix

I’ll Keep Insisting – Britain Is One Huge PsyOp

Mind Reading (Neural Decoding) Goes Mainstream

Microchip Implants, Mind Control & Cybernetics

Vatican-Sponsored Meeting Discusses Chances of Extraterrestrial Life

Can We Manipulate the Weather?

Is US Weather Control Involved? YouTube


America, The Babylon

Prepetorial #24: Patriot Sam

City of Symbols

Don’t Fool Yourself: America Is Now a Communist Nation

Obama Admin. Proposes Federal Oversight of Subways

USDA Declares Half Of Midwest As Ag Disaster Area

Justice Dept. Asked for News Site’s Visitor Lists

Big Brother Wants Into Your Hard Drive

School Plans New Intruder, Relocation Drills

Mad Max Scenario

Mom Loses Bid to Stop Child’s Immunization

100% Proof U.S.A. has Tested Using Rain to Infect American Citizens 15 Years Ago – video

Mexican Pot Gangs Infiltrate Indian Reservations in U.S.



Food Emergency: 20 Million on the Verge of Starvation as World Teeters on Brink of Global Famine


Farmers Scramble to Finish Harvest from Hell


Thanksgiving is Coming, But Pantries are Bare

Food Banks See Big Increase in First-Timers Seeking Help


California: Food Agencies Turning Away the Hungry

Florida: Food Banks Running Out of Rations

Michigan: Food Banks Panic as Winter Rush Nears

Washington: Food Banks Running Critically Low

West Virginia: Recession Bringing Newcomers to Food Banks



Barrick Shuts Hedge Book as World Gold Supply Runs Out

Real Unemployment Tops 22%

As dollar tumbles, America is up for grabs

The Great Shrinking American Dollar

Doubt, Worry and Fear: New York Faces Dramatic Consequences of Crisis

If You Thought the Housing Meltdown Was Bad…

China has now become the biggest risk to the world economy

China Hints at Yuan’s Departure from Dollar Peg

China threatens US economy with currency revaluation

China’s End Run Around the U.S.

Airlines, Hotels Face Bleak Holidays

Caribbean orders extreme measure as depression deepens

Lining up at Midnight at Wal-Mart to buy Food is part of the new Recovery. Banks offering Mattress Interest Rates. The Invisible Recovery Outside of Wall Street.

David Rosenberg on How We Get to $2,750 Gold


When the Lights Go Out


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