Yellowstone Rising

Yellowstone Rising

Recent Earthquakes Worldwide

World’s Deadliest Volcanoes

Earthquakes and Volcanoes Role in Prophecy


USGS Captures Rockfall Event at Kilauea Volcano

Another Earthquake Strikes Turkish Town

4.0 Quake Shakes Central California

Strong Quake Hits Albania and Macedonia

Kanlaon Volcano Shows Restiveness

Second Ruptured Water Line in San Fernando Valley Raises Concerns

Indonesia: There Could be 100 Earthquake Victims


57 Dead, Dozens Missing After Indonesia Quake

6 Kamchatka Volcanoes Exhibit Activity Simultaneously for the First Time in 60 Years

7.0 Java Quake Kills at Least 32, Injures Scores


Okla. Earthquakes Puzzle Geologist

Chain of Volcanoes Rumbles in Russian Far East

Quake Fault Found Near Memphis, Far from New Madrid Area

Early Morning Earthquake in South Carolina


9 Earthquakes Hit Oklahoma in 24 Hours

5.2 Quake Hits Wellington, NZ

Earthquake Warning for Northeast India

6.4 Quake Jolts NW China


Earthquake: Signs Point to Greater Peninsula Effect from ‘the Big One’

6 Kamchatka Volcanoes Exhibit Activity Simultaneously for the First Time in 60 Years

Mt. Mayon Remains Restive


Earthquake rattles South Central L.A.

Third Quake Hits Colorado; Fault May Prove More Powerful

Kamchatka’s Koryaksky Volcano Spews Gas, Steam and Ash


Colorado Earthquake “a Little Scary”

6.8 Quake Strikes Off Japan, Felt in Taiwan

Mystery Plume Off California Coast

Volcano in Kamchatka Ejecting Columns of Gas, Vapor


2008 Eruption Transforms an Aleutian Island

Texas Closes 2 Wells Amid Earthquake Concerns

Puerto Rico Hammered by Earthquake Swarm

7 Hurt in Indonesian Earthquake

NASA Drops Probes Into Volatile Volcano

Moderate Earthquake Shakes Remote Northern Nevada

Mega-Quake Could Strike Near Seattle, New Data

Scars Linger from Montana Killer Quake of ’59

Moderate Earthquake Shakes Southern Mexico


New Vent Opens on Kilauea Volcano – video

Krakatoa Volcano Ready to Unleash After a Gap of 126 Years

Japan hit by 3rd strong earthquake


Two Major Quakes Strike in Less Than 15 Minutes


Strong 7.1 Earthquake Shakes Tokyo Area

43 People ‘Buried Alive’ in India Landslide

Seismologist Calls for Possible Larger Earthquake in Central Virginia


6.9 Quake in Baja California Rattles Office Workers in San Diego

5.8, 6.9, 5.0, 5.9 Quakes In Gulf Of California

Japan Getting Ready for the Big One

More Magma Rising to Mayon Crater

Will Krakatoa Rock the World Again? – Amazing pics

Newly Discovered Faults Illuminate Earthquake Hazard Along San Andreas

Tsunami Risk for West Coast Higher Than Expected

Eritrea: Volcanic Eruption on the Eritrean-Ethiopian Border

Fiery Images as Killer Volcano That Claimed 36000 Lives Stirs Once More

Minor Earthquake Shakes NM, Spring Overflows

El Niño Threatens Food Shortages

Magnitude 6.1 quake hits off Papua New Guinea

“Son of Krakatau” still erupting

Anak Krakatoa Volcano (Sumatra Straits)

Anak Krakatoa Volcano (Sumatra Straits)

Huge Earthquake Shakes New Zealand’s South Island


Study: San Andreas Fault Suffering Ominous Tremors

Massive Squid Washes Up on Beach in Quake Aftermath + video

5.9 Quake Hits Sumba Region, Indonesia

6.1. Quake Hits Southern Peru

Philippines’ Most Active Volcano Restive Again

Mysterious Tremors Detected on San Andreas Fault

Ancient Volcano Caused 10-Year Winter

Deep Tremors Appear to Have Foreshadowed Large 2004 Quake

Colo. Quake Triggers Landslide That Shaves Face of Bookcliffs

Chinese Quake: 18,000 Buried Alive, 19 British Tourists Go Missing

6.1 Quake Jolts Greenland

Hundreds Injured in China Earthquake

6.0 magnitude earthquake off western coast of Mexico


N. Sulawesi, Indonesia Jolted by 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake

Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake in Crete, Greece

Northern Chile shaken by 5.5 magnitude earthquake

Small Earthquake Reported in Central Oklahoma

3.7 quake under Whidbey Island rattles windows

3.7 Quake Rattles Western Washington

Earthquake Reported in New Jersey, Not Explosion

Maui Quake Strongest to Hit in Years

Heavy Rain and 200+ Earthquakes Threaten Taupo Village

Texas Town Hit With 6th Earthquake This Month

At Least 15 Earthquakes Hit Taiwan’s Hualien Region in Single Day

6.7-Mag. Quake Triggers Local Tsunami Warning: US

3 Quakes in Less Than 4 Hours Rattle California’s Orange County


Anak Krakatau Eruptions Records Tremendous Increase

Russian Volcano Diverts Flights to Anchorage

Indonesia Mud Volcano May Last 30 Years: Expert

6.3 Earthquake Jolts Philippines

Earthquakes Shake The Geyers, Calif.

6.0 Mag Quake Hits Mid-Atlantic Ocean

6.3 Quake Jolts Northern Japan

6.7 Quake Hits Near Vanuatu Islands

Quake Swarm Continues around Fairbanks

7.1 Earthquake Topples Homes, Kills 2 in Honduras

4 Quakes in 3 Days Hit East Tennessee

6.1-Quake Hits New Zealand’s Kermadec Islands

Earthquake Swarm Shakes the Balkans




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