Oriental rat flea

Oriental rat flea

What is plague?

A History of Epidemics & Plague

Strange Skies = Strange Weather and Strange Flu


Plague-Spreading Fleas Gain Ground, May Spur Cases

China Plague Outbreak Death Toll Reaches 3

Man Dies Of Pneumonic Plague In China – 11 Others Infected – Thousands Quarantined

Malaria Strain Resists Drugs, May Threaten Millions More, Researchers Say

Plague Strikes French Oysters

Ebola in Pigs ‘New Health Threat’

McDonald’s worker may have exposed 10,000 to Hepatitis A virus

World Health Organization Recommends Sunshine to Prevent TB

Bioweapons, Vaccines & The Threat Of World Pandemic

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Found in Fertilizer Could Breed More Super Bugs

Hospital-Acquired Superbug Infections Soar in Newborn Babies

The Next Global Pandemic? Drug-Resistant TB

Denver Officials Confirm Prairie Dogs Dying from Plague

Thirty-Six Thousand People Do Not Die Each Year from “Regular Flu” (Confirmed)

100 Items To Disappear First In A Panic

The Chilling Message Of The Georgia Guidestones

Swine Flu Summit: Gov’t Checks on State Readiness

Extremely Heavy Chemtrails Over Oregon Coast

Infectious Disease Lab Inventory ‘Finds’ Over 9,000 Deadly Pathogen Vials Unaccounted For

Bubonic Plague Reported in Libya


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