Like the fist of an angry god

Unexplained object ploughs through one of Saturn's rings

In Case of Emergency

Quakes and Typhoons: What’s Up with Mother Nature?


Solar Winds Triggered By Magnetic Fields

Stars May Be Cosmic Road Signs to Intelligent Aliens

Dark Matter Wrecking Ball May Have Hit Milky Way


Asteroid Explodes Over Indonesia – Force Of 3 Hiroshima’s

Nearly Pure Water Found In Craters On Mars

Northern Lights ‘Ghoul’ Pictured In Norway

Dark Comet in 2012? Researcher Unravels Potential Doomsday Culprit

Found: First ‘Skylight’ On The Moon

Air Force’s Secretive Space Plane Nears Maiden Voyage


Bonanza! European Scientists Find Trove Of 32 New Planets

Mars Caves May Hold Secret To Life On Planet, Shelter Explorers

Surprising Ship ‘Contrails’ Seen from Space

Encrypting Messages in Our Cosmic “How-to-Make-a-Human” DNA Instruction Manual

Colliding Galaxies Captured By Hubble

‘Burning Ball’ Spotted in Germany

Amazing UFO Videos


Strange Huge Light Cloud over Moscow Oct 09, What is it??? – video

Caught on Camera: Meteorite Hundred Times Brighter Than Full Moon

Giant Cosmic-Ray Laser To Flash Across Paris Sky

NASA Refines Asteroid Apophis’ Path Toward Earth

NASA To Bomb The Moon For Water

NASA Discovers ‘Supersized’ Saturn Ring

Plasma Rocket Could Travel To Mars In 39 Days

NASA to Bomb the Moon on Friday


New Astrophysical Discoveries Leave Little To No Room For Atheism, Expert Says

UFO Sighting by Multiple Witnesses in Lebanon, Photos

Aliens In The News

Deep Impact And Other Spacecraft Find Clear Evidence Of Water On Moon

The Hunt for E.T. Life Gets Weird

The Sun Gets Its Spots (Back)

Sydney’s Apocalyptic Dust Storm Seen From Space


Supermassive Black Holes: Will They Trigger One of the Most Violent Events in the Future of the Universe?

Space ‘Time Machine’ Takes First Glimpse Into The Past

NASA Launches Rocket, Dozens Report Strange Lights

Giant star blows glowing space bubble

Tourists Witness Return of UFOs at Northern Territory

Quiet Sun A Sign Of Things To Come?


UFO Sightings Over UK More Than Triple This Year

Cracks On Mars Hint At Dried-Up Lakes
Alternative Life Systems In The Universe

Earth-Like Planet Discovered Outside Solar System

New ‘Drake Equation’ For Alien Habitats

Rare Meteorite Found in Australian Desert


Night Time Artificial Cloud Study Using NASA Sounding Rocket

The Electric Universe Versus The Big Bang

Scientists Discover First Rocky Planet

Kepler And The Search For Life In Our Galaxy


Saturn’s Mysterious Moons – Video

Surprise in Earth’s Upper Atmosphere Discovered

New Extrasolar System Allows Planetary ‘X-Ray’

Flying Transformers: Birds Gear Up For Migration


Death by Superflare?

Sun-Caused Global Warming

150 Years Ago: The Worst Solar Storm Ever

Are Sunspots Disappearing?

UV Radiation to Rise 20%, Scientists Warn

What Global Hotspots are Most at Risk of Getting Hit by an Asteroid?

Life Under Threat as More Ultraviolet Radiation to Hit Earth

Planet Found That Defies Laws Of Physics

Hidden Galaxy Discovered Orbiting The Milky Way

Spectacular New Photos From Hubble

Antimatter: The Cosmos Answer To Red Bull


Huge Solar Storm Could Hit Earth Again

UFO Taped By China Scientists For 40 Minutes

UFO Craft Taped During Solar Eclipse

UFOs Over China – May Officially Disclose Soon


Galaxy ‘Cannibalism’ Revealed

Father Snaps Meteor on Camera Phone as it Speeds Across Sky

For the Best Stargazing on Earth, Send Robots to Antarctica


Space Death Rays – How Dangerous Are They?

Stunning UFO Hovers Over China City For Nearly An Hour

The “Great Wall” Of Space: Galactic Superclusters a Billion Light Years Away Extend for 5% of Observable Universe

LIGO Listens for Gravitational Echoes of Birth of the Universe


Mysterious Tubular Clouds Defy Explanation

Saturn’s Titan – Is It A Living Lab On The Origins Of Life?

‘Suicidal’ Planet to be Swallowed by its Sun

Star Factory Shows Off Three Kinds of Nebulae

Calling All Amateur Astronomers: Help Solve a Mystery


Dangerous Hurricane Bill Could Threaten East Canada

Tornado, Storms Cause Heavy Damage in Midwest

Severe Weather Targets Ohio Valley to Texas

Central Park Devastated by Storm That Fells Almost 100 Trees

Tornado hit Minneapolis

In Case of Emergency

El Niño Likely Here Through March


UK UFO Files: top 10 sightings


Bill Becomes Dangerous Cat. 4 Hurricane

Without Warning: Tornado Tears Down Department Store Roof


When Sirius Was Red

Mass UFO Sighting In Russia, Child Takes Amazing Photo

ABC News Primetime Special: Abducted By Aliens — Believers Tell Their Stories


Hurricane Bill Strengthens, Winds Top 100mph

Tornado Damages Nearly 2 Dozen Florida Homes

Storm Season Unleashed: Claudette Hits, But Bill Could Pack a Bigger Punch


Storm Clouds Found On Saturn’s Moon Titan

Tiny Flares Boost Heat of Sun’s Atmosphere


New Class of Astronomical Object: Super Planetary Nebulae

‘Hidden Portal’ Concept Described: First Tunable Electromagnetic Gateway

Second backwards planet found, a day after the first


Flashback: Tom Horn Wrote About Mars Monolith In 2008

Mars Monument: “Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life”

Hiroshima, Antimatter, Angels, and Demons

NASA ‘Can’t Cope’ with Killer Asteroids

Asteroid Impact Craters on Earth, Seen From Space

Planetary Smashup Leaves Trail of Frozen Lava

‘Crisis Satellite’ Returns First Images

Huge New Planet Tells Of Game Of Planetary Billiards

Newfound Planet Orbits Backward

New Supernova Image Reveals Third Dimension


Floods and landslides triggered by Morakot leave Taiwan in tears

Typhoon Morakot’s Cloud Top Extent Doubled in Size in 1 Day

Strong Quake Hits Shizuoka, Injuring 112

Race to Save Hundreds of Typhoon Survivors

‘Terrifying’ Freak Lightning Strikes 3 in Canada

Storm Spotters Witness Monster Tornado in Iowa

Tropical Storm Guillermo Strengthens in Pacific

Atlantic May See First Named Storm This Week – NHC

‘Many Hurricanes’ in Modern Times


Hundreds Feared Dead in Taiwan After Typhoon

Second Taiwanese Village Buried in Mudslide

Tsunami Watch Indian Ocean After 7.6 Quake

Tsunami Warning As 6.4 Mag Hits Japan

40,000+ Without Power as More Storms Bear Down on Detroit

Summer Fires Claim 500,000 Acres of Europe’s Forests

Freak of Nature Causes Smile Sky Usually Seen Only at Poles


Like the fist of an angry god

Typhoon Kills 29 in Taiwan, China; 13 Die in Japan; Record Rain

Typhoon Pounds Taiwan – 600 Missing – Video

Major 7.6 Quake Hits Off India’s Andaman Islands

Vast Expanses of Arctic Ice Melt in Summer Heat

July’s Climate: Chilly USA, But Hot Globally

Hawaii Prepares for Tropical Storm Felicia

Lowest Rain in Five Years to Curb India Sugar Output


Heat Too Hot to Handle for Several Cities

A ‘New Cydonia’ Of Ancient ET Mars Monuments

Like the fist of an angry god

Bright Spot on Venus Leaves Scientists Stumped

Images Show Red Supergiant Betelgeuse Losing Mass

How Long Has There Been Hell On Venus?

Mysterious Bright Spot On Venus

Wild Weather From Coast to Coast

What’s Wrong with the Weather?

Seattle Breaks Temp Record as Heat Wave Continues

Concern Rises in Australia, Asia as El Nino Approaches

Gaping Hole In Jupiter – 10x Size Of Earth & Growing

Jupiter Debris Not A Debris Cloud?


Excellent TV News Report On Chemtrails – Video

Mysterious, Glowing Clouds Appear Across America’s Skies

Spectacular Wide-Field View of Eagle Nebula in High-Res

Clouds Light Up the Sky– Wait, Clouds?

Mysterious, Glowing Clouds Appear Across America’s Night Skies

Red Sky at Night: Heavens Turn Crimson Over Britain After Russian Volcano Erupts

The Return of El Niño: What Will It Mean in the U.S.?

El Nino Conditions Return to Affect Weather

New Form of El Nino May Increase Atlantic Hurricanes

Sun’s Storms Set to Intensify

Meteor Lights Up Mid-Atlantic Area’s Skies

Sunspots Revealed in Striking Detail

Biggest Black Hole Ever Found in Nearby Galaxy

Solar Cycle 24: Solar Flares & Social Collapse or ‘Crushing Cold Temperatures and Global Famine’?

Strange Storm Gives SoCal Thunder, Lightning, Fire

Massive Red Star Shrinks Mysteriously

Military Hush-Up: Incoming Space Rocks Now Classified


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