Effects of famine

Effects of famine

Orchestrating Famine: A Must-Read Backgrounder on the Food Crisis

New Forecast: ‘Mass Starvation’

Billions of People Expected to Die Under Current Codex

The Lurking Food Crisis


Food Emergency: 20 Million on the Verge of Starvation as World Teeters on Brink of Global Famine

Farmers Scramble to Finish Harvest from Hell

Thanksgiving is Coming, But Pantries are Bare

Food Banks See Big Increase in First-Timers Seeking Help

California: Food Agencies Turning Away the Hungry

Florida: Food Banks Running Out of Rations

Michigan: Food Banks Panic as Winter Rush Nears

Washington: Food Banks Running Critically Low

West Virginia: Recession Bringing Newcomers to Food Banks


Coming Soon… Designer Foods With Genes From Bacteria, Parasites, Scorpions At A Dining Table Near You

USDA Says Food Prices to Increase Next Year

Concerns Over Superbugs in Our Food Supply Food


Illinois Corn Harvest Slowest in 42 Years

Alabama’s Crops Are in Trouble, Ag Commissioner

Iowa Facing Latest Corn Harvest in Decades

Illinois Soybean, Corn Harvests at Record Lows

Nebraska Crop Waits for Sun to Dry Fields

Wet Weather Continues to Hinder Iowa Harvest

Tennessee Harvesters Race to Beat River Flood Threats

Cool, Wet Weather Slows Kansas Wheat Planting

Weather Delays Wisconsin Corn, Soybean Harvest

Sunlight: The New Wave of Terror

Late Harvest Sows Problems for Farmers


Why The Food Will Run Out…

Australia Faces Famine, Expert Warns

India – World’s 2nd-largest Grower – May Import Rice, Fueling ‘Panic,’

Philippines Urges Global Rice Stockpiling

Rice Market ‘on Thin Ice’ as Record Prices May Return


23 Million Africans On Brink Of Starvation

Ethiopia seeks urgent food assistance for 6 million people

Food will never be so cheap again

… May Spark Global Rice Shortage

Sticker Shock at the Supermarket: Food Prices Poised to Rise

Wet conditions degrade crops

It is Too Late to Shut the Door on GM Foods


Why are Monsanto Insiders Now Appointed to Protect Your Food Safety?

World Rice Stockpiles Hit as Yields Drop

America Faces Dairy Shortage

London’s Food Supply Danger – We Must Grow More

Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilization?

CSPI “top 10 risky foods” list gets it wrong: We need more leafy greens, not less

In Guatemala, Drought Leaves Hundreds Suffering from Malnutrition

Cold Temperatures Threaten Seed Potato Crop

Food Prices Stabilize, Shortages Persist


Food Shortages Hit Millions in Flood-Hit India

Meager Crop Threatens Lives in Asian Valley

Indiana Corn Acres Decrease as Ethanol Production Increases

Water Shortage Bogs Down Idaho Trout Farms

The Coming Food Shortage: Potash as Fuel for Food

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

Rice Crops Ruined by Storms Could Have Fed The Philippines for 8 Days

Floods Put India’s Harvest in Jeopardy


Food Shortage ‘Unprecedented’

The Great Drought: Disaster Looms In East Africa

Your Brain, Liver, Heart On Genetically Modified Foods

Dangers Of Genetically Modified Foods

More Americans Growing Food on Small ‘Hobby Farms’

A Sprinkling Of Nanotubes Makes Plants Shoot Up


Food Fight: An Unappetizing Development

Vatican Pushes Genetically Modified Foods, Biotechnology

Genetically Modified canola “jumps”

Farmers Fear GM Crop Contamination

The 4 Horsemen Approach: Famine Is In The Air

Severe Food Shortage Threatens Nearly 400000 People in Tajikistan

Judge Overturns Deregulation Of Genetically Modified Foods Amid Oregon Concerns

Cocoon That ‘Grows’ Genetically Modified Meat Wins Prize


6 Colo. Dairies Bankrupt; More to Come

Flashback: As the World Burns/How Dry We Are

Quick Flashback: Nobody Knows How Dry We Are/Burning Questions

Lush Land Dries Up, Withering Kenya’s Hopes

Iraq in throes of environmental catastrophe

Refugees because the rains never came

A wet land, a parched land

The watershed: multimedia

Struggle to make ends meet on the Nile

Desalination threat to the growing Gulf

Just Say NO To Antibacterial Burgers

Life Without Bumblebees? It’s Not Just The Honeybees That’s Mysteriously Dying


The Last Nomads: Drought Drives Kenya’s Herders To Brink

19 Women Killed in a Stampede for Food

Food Shortages in Guatemala Threaten Hundreds of Thousands

Drought Cuts China Crops


Guatemala Declares Calamity as Food Crisis Grows

Food Scarcity to Bring Down World Governments, Cause Global Chaos

Food Fertilizer Features (Gulp!) Urine

Tea Shortage to Widen 10% as India, Kenya Droughts Hurt Crops

Support for GM food ban slips

Chickens Not Fooled By Genetically Modified Crops

Why GMO Foods May Not Be Better Than Ones God Made


Food Aid Grows in California’s Agricultural Heart

Monsanto Is Leading The Way

Texas Drought Hits Farmers

Israeli consumers at risk from Genetically Modified foods


US In Water Trouble – A Future With No Future

Scared By Frankenfoods? Just Wait For Nanofoods!

Supermarkets Pave Way For Introduction Of Frankenfoods

Tesco ‘will not stock GM foods’ because the public doesn’t want them

Farmers say no to dangerous GM fruits, veggies

Supermarkets In ‘Secret Talks To Introduce GM Foods
To The Store Shelves’

Supermarkets Pave Way for Intro of GM food to UK

China Grain Harvest is at Risk from Worst Drought in Recent Years

When Cocaine And Monsanto’s Roundup Collide, War On Drugs Becomes A Genetically Modified War On Science

California’s Man-Made Drought


US Agriculture Taking It On The Chin

‘Late Blight’ is Farmers version of terrorism

Frost Wipes Out Wine on the Vine – Disaster Declared

Millions Facing Famine In Ethiopia As Rains Fail

Climate Change May End India’s Monsoons

Severe Drought Hurts China’s Drinking Water Supply

Iraqi Drought Called Worst Since “Earliest Days of Civilization”


Drought, Debt Lead to Indian Farmers’ Suicides

Millions in Nepal Facing Hunger as Climate Changes


100-Degree Heat, Drought, Killing Texas Cattle

Kenya’s Rural Drought Hurts the Big City: Power Cuts, High Food Prices Create Urban Despair

Kenya Hit by Mass Hunger and Water Shortage

Wheat Rises as Dry Weather in Australia May Limit Production

Cuban Agriculture Turning to Traditional Methods in Crisis


Schwarzenegger to Obama: Declare drought disaster in California

Cattle, Crop Losses Mount in Texas Drought

Mexico Water Body Warns of Risk of ‘Critical’ Shortage

Israel’s Main Source of Water Faces Dire Shortage

Tanzania: Famine a Serious Threat

From Junkyard to Community Garden

Fewer Firms, Farms are Producing Food

N. Carolina Fish Kill Now in the Millions


Food Shortages Coming to America?

CJD Found in Recalled Blood Donations from USA & BSE Untested Meat

Mercury Found In ALL Fish In 300 US Streams

Antibiotic Resistance At Factory Farms Scares Scientists

Chemtrails – If You Don’t Tell Others, Who Will? – Video


Deadly citrus disease reaches Mexico, threatens California

Chicken Underground’ Emerges


Potential Food Shortages…in America?

Famine in America?

Asia Facing Unprecedented Food Shortage

Famine Around the Corner?

Guatemala at Food Shortage Risk After Drought

Food Shortage Threatens East Africa

Hail Destroys Iowa Corn Crops

Drought Taking Toll on Texas Crops and Wineries

Texas Crop and Livestock Losses Hit $3.6 Billion

Drought Sucking Life Out of Northern Wisconsin Farms

Drought Puts Crops 3 Months Behind

California Drought Greatly Impacting Crops

US Corn, Soybean Crops Stunted by Unusual Weather

Food Firms Fret Over Potential Impact of Climate Bill

Severe Drought Hits China’s Grain Zones

India’s Thirsty Farms Drain Rocks Dry

India Faces Drought But Economists Upbeat

Argentina May Import Beef First Time as Herds Die

Alberta Ranchers Forced to Sell Herds

Drought to Affect Harvest in China’s Main Corn Area

Vegetable Gardens Help Morale Grow

In Newly Cost-Conscious Britain, More Growing Food


Food Prices to Surge Under Emissions Trading Scheme

Monsanto to Charge as Much as 42% More for New GM Seeds

Monsanto Buys ‘Terminator’ Seeds Company

Monsanto is ready to round up seed patent violators

Parts of Texas See Worst Drought on Record

San Antonio Facing Second-Most Intensive Drought in Recorded History


There is a Hunger Coming Like a Run-Away Freight Train – Created by Congress

The Chilling Message Of The Georgia Guidestones

Obama and the Marxist Politburo Set to Use Food and Famine as a Weapon

Obama’s New Food Act to Seal Sorry State of America’s Farms

The Coming World Famine: Will 2010 Be the Year the World Runs Out of Food?


US Faces Sugar Shortage, Food Giants Warn: Report

Drought causing historic cotton losses

Honey Bees Disappearing May be a Greater Threat Than Global Warming

A New Crop of Congregations Turns to Gardening

Plunge in India Water Levels Threatens Major Food Crisis

As India water and power dry up, the people revolt


‘Potato Famine’ Blight Ravages Local Farms

Sugar Prices Go Vertical to 28-Year Highs on Shortage Fears

Food Crisis Could Force Wartime Rations and Vegetarian Diet on Britons


Do Seed Companies Control GM Crop Research? Big Corp’s Highly Guarded Secret To Manipulate Food & Creation

We Can Still Feed Ourselves, But for How Much Longer?

Brazil Expects 7.9 Percent Drop in Grain Harvest

Drought losses continue to grow for Southern Texas farmers

Blight Wipes Out Tomato Crops

Families, Elderly Pay the Price as Cost of Food Keeps Rising

Modern Survivalism – Food

Hunger Hits Detroit’s Middle Class

Hunger Rising in Oregon

Drought Ravages Sask. Farms

Ethiopia: Invading locusts threatening vast areas

Cuban Grocery Stores Shuttered – Sparks Food Shortage Fears

EU Hands Over Water to Corporations

Organic Producers Suffer – Folks Grow Their Own


King Salmon Vanishing In AK, Smokehouses Empty

Brasher: House Bill’s Land Use Unsettles Farming, Food Costs

‘Dire Shortage’ at UN Food Agency

Bare Shelves: Second Harvest Food Bank is Hit with the Worst Crisis in Its 28-Year History

Little Keeps Nigeria from a Crisis of Hunger

Food Grain Shortage Hits Jammu and Kashmir

The Summer of No Tomatoes

Catastrophic Food Shortages Coming – Video

Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones TV 3/4:The Coming Food Crisis of 2009 – Video

History Channel Validates Chemtrails, Weather Wars – Video

We Farm – You Eat… Any Questions?

‘Barcode’ to help identify plants


Monsanto GM Corn a Disaster in South Africa

Monsanto lobbyists to be placed in charge of food safety

Wildfire season looking to be bad, forecast says

Dire forecast for fire season in the West

Texas Drought Turns Neighbor Against Neighbor Over Water Restrictions

El Nino May Ease Worst Texas Drought, Cut Florida Storm Risk

El Niño Threatens Food Shortages

Despair Flows as Fields Go Dry and Unemployment Rises

HR 2749: Totalitarian Control of the Food Supply

Contrails & Man Made Clouds Change Climate, Harming Agriculture

Specter Of Food Crisis Hangs Over All

Global Starvation Imminent as US Faces Crop Failure


El Niño is Back, Bringing Droughts, Floods, Crop Failures and Social Unrest

Ranchers are selling cattle in greater numbers thanks to dry weather

As Food Supply Dwindles, Bear Season Kicks into High Gear

El Nino Expected to Persist through Winter 2009-10

Potato Famine Disease Striking Home Gardens in U.S.

“Salad Bowl” Groundwater Near Record Lows

Texas Drought So Bad They’re ‘Hoping for a Hurricane’

Crop Outlook Bleak as Drought Ravages Canadian Prairies

World Must Live, Farm Sustainably ­ Japanese PM

El Nino Weather Menace Looms for Frail Economies

Millions Face Hunger as Seasons Disappear

GMO Corn: France Rejects Report by EU Food Agency


The Critters Eating America’s Forests

Warning Over Honeybee Decline

Sooty Molds Make for Messy Wheat Harvest

Georgia crops suffering

Drought affects farms and ranches

Drought Hurts Cattle Ranchers

Alberta, Saskatchewan face widespread drought after driest weather in 50 years

Kstatecollegian: Late fall harvest leads to lowest wheat acreage since 1957

USDA Deliberately Misleading Investors to Hide Looming Food Shortage

380,000 Lbs. of Beef Recalled Over E. Coli Concerns (read: less available food)

Specter Of Food Crisis Hangs Over All

HR 2749: Totalitarian Control of the Food Supply


Global Starvation Imminent as US Faces Crop Failure

‘Act Now or Face Food Shortages’ Warns Farm Expert

Docu Exposes Disturbing Truth about U.S. Food Supply

More Quarantine as Nebraska Traces Bovine TB

Beyond Golden Rice: The Rockefeller Foundation’s long-term agenda behind Genetically Modified Food

Crops Under Stress as Temperatures Fall

World’s Hungry Tops 1 Billion



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