A Terrifying Look at the Control of Weather Warfare – A Look At HAARP


Snowstorm Pummels Denver Before Heading East

100 mph Winds Batter Britain – Brings Biggest Waves in 40 Years

Mayon’s Crater Glow Grows More Intense

Bali’s Mt. Batur Activity on Alert

Sakurajima Eruptions Pass 400

Argentina Hit by Strong, 6.1 Quake

2 Quakes Strike Off So. California Coast


Strong Earthquake Hits Indonesia

In Pictures: Indonesia Earthquake

Ida Targets Gulf Coast: La. Declares State of Emergency

Hurricane Ida: El Salvador Death Toll Reaches 124


Artificial Snow in Beijing Delays Hundreds of Flights

Earthquakes Rocking The Desert Southwest

Earthquakes Shake Pennsylvania Second Time

Taiwan Hit by Mag. 6 Earthquake

Mayon Volcano May Explode Anytime

Heavy Floods Hit Mexico

Floods Force 44,000 People from Homes in Mexico


Twin Richter 5’s Hit Off Oregon Coast – 1 “Disappears”

4.1 Quake Strikes Off Calif. Coast

5.7 Quake Rattles Western Greece

Earthquake Injures at Least 700 in Southern Iran

Atlanta’s September Floods Extremely Rare

Washington State Prepares for Catastrophic Flood


The Big Chill – video

Suddenly at High Levels, Missouri River Could Flood Next Year

Rockies Snowfall Breaks Records, Heads East


The Earthquake Video They Don’t Want You to See

Iceland Swarm of the Week 200+ Quakes
Columbian Volcano – Steve Note: This is the anti-pode for Anak Krakatau

Plasma Volcanoes

6.0 Earthquake Strikes Northeast Afghanistan

5.4 Earthquake Rattles Mexico Gulf Coast

6.0 Earthquake Strikes Northeast Afghanistan


3 More Earthquakes Rock Penn.

“Very Long Period Tremors” Studied at Kilauea Volcano – video

“Rosetta Stone” of Supervolcanoes Discovered in Italian Alps

Vast Magma Pool Could Fuel 3 Washington Volcanoes


Another 7.0 Indonesian Quake Rattles Darwin

Explosion Rocks Gas Facility in Puerto Rico

6.2 Quake Jolts Pakistan-Afghanistan

Mag. 6.0 Quake Panics Indonesian Province

3 Earthquakes Strike Near The Geysers, CA

Minor Earthquakes Hit California, Oregon

North Escambia Area’s Significant Earthquake; Could It Happen Again?

Argus Bird Can Sense Earthquakes

Scientists Build First Worldwide Earthquake Alert System

Wet Weather Causes Problems for La., Miss. Farmers

Australia Warns of Harsh Summer as Residents Flee Fire


Pacific El Niño Equals Atlantic Hurricane Calm: Experts

Hurricane Rick weakens to Category 3

Disease Warning as Philippines Awaits Typhoon Lupit

Rising Seas Threaten Miami, NYC, New Orleans, Other Major Cities

Fall Snowstorm Breaks Records in Northeast

Major Water Sources Drying Up as Rain Season Begins

Hundreds Rescued as Perth Swelters in 37C Scorcher

Amazing Hurricane Rick

Toxic Hawaiian Volcano Poses Health Risks to Residents, Crops

Mayon Spews High Gas Volume


Massive Landslide Baffles Wash. Officials

Power Outages, Slide Danger as Storm Hits Calif.

Chicago’s Record Breaking Cold Continues

Three Decades of Global Cooling

6.3, 6.2 Quakes Strike off Alaska

Volcanic Activity and Earthquakes Hit Caribbean Islands

6.4 Quake Hits South Pacific


Indonesia Raises Earthquake Death Toll to 1115

Earthquakes and End Times

Pacific Earthquakes Rewrite Seismic Lore

Two EF-2 Tornados Touched Down in Kentucky

Montserrat Volcano Spews Ash, Residents Wear Masks

Biggest News You’ve Never Heard: Earth Isn’t Warming

What Happened to Global Warming?

Patrolling the Underworld, USGS Scientists Await the Big One


Globe Feels Nature’s Wrath

Chilean Eruption Highlights Risk from ‘Rhyolitic’ Volcanoes

Russian Volcano’s Eruptions Intensifying

Worst Volcanoes Even More Dangerous Than Feared

Volcanoes Defrosted Ice Age

The ‘Perfect’ Quake This Way Comes

Typhoon Melor Leaves 4 Dead in Japan

Philippine Mudslides, Floods Kill More Than 160

Even the Camels are Dying


Snow Piling Up: Idaho School Kids Enjoy ‘Earliest Snow Day in History’

Loveland, CO Ski Resort Boasts ‘Earliest Opening in 40 Years’

8.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Northwest Of Vanuatu

Disease Strikes as Philippines Cleans Up After Flood

6.7 magnitude quake strikes near Philippines

Quake-Hit Sumatra Villages Yet to Get Aid, Groups Say

Bigger Earthquake Looms for West Sumatra

Very Cool Animation of Pacific Earthquake


Millions Displaced By India Floods

Sumatran Earthquake: Whole Villages Sucked Into The Earth

Britain Battered by 75mph Winds

Quake Landslides Wipe out 4 Villages in Indonesia

California Quake Swarm Continues

‘Robust Sequence’ of Earthquakes Shake Eastern California

Big Quakes Weaken Faults on Other Side of Earth

Pacific Northwest has Same Volatile Zones That Led to Samoan, Indonesian Quakes

Indonesian Quake Leaves Trail of Death, Devastation

Chance of Finding Sumatra Earthquake Survivors is ‘Almost Zero’

Samoa Tsunami Lesson: Early Warning System Too Slow

Wall Collapses into Kilauea Volcano Lava Pond – video

Volcano Watch: Hualalai is 3rd Most Active Volcano in Hawaii

Volcanic Eruption ‘Could Occur Near Bundaberg’

Alaska’s Cleveland Volcano Spews Ash 20,000 Feet

Vanuatu Volcano Alert

Siberian Volcano ‘Wiped Out World’s Forests’ 250M Years Ago

Super Typhoon Parma Hits The Philippines

Storm batters Philippines – video

Typhoon Ketsana blasts Cambodia

Typhoon leaves 31 dead in Vietnam

Animated guide: Typhoon

Animated guide: Tsunamis


Super Typhoon Bears Down On Battered Philippines

Asia Trembles as ‘Ring of Fire’ Sees New Deadly Quakes

Philippines Mobilizes Armed Forces for Second Storm in a Week

3 Asia Pacific Quakes – Two Disasters In 24 Hrs

Official death toll reaches 777 in Indonesian earthquake

Thousands Buried By Powerful Quakes

Bodies on the Beaches after Samoan Tsunami… as Thousands Go Missing in SECOND Indonesian Earthquake

Samoa Tsunami Survivors Tell of Indescribable Waves – video

More Than 300 Killed in Path of Deadly Storm Ketsana

Philippines Braces for Second Stronger Typhoon

Concern for Philippine Flood Orphans

Eyewitness: Sumatra Earthquake

Indo Quake Zone a Disaster Waiting to Happen: Worse Coming

Report from Asia: Tsunami Warning System Dangerously Flawed

Earthquake Swarm Hits California’s Eastern Sierra


Tsunami Strikes American Samoa After 8.3 Mag. Quake

Dozens Die As Tsunamis Hit Samoa

New Madrid Worries Surface in Arkansas

Minor Earthquake Breaks Louisiana Waterline

China Quake a Once in 4000 Years Event, Study

Deadly Typhoon Ketsana Slams into Vietnam

U.S. Northeast May Have Coldest Winter in a Decade

Ballarat “Well Overdue” for a Large Volcanic Eruption

East Africa Drought in Fifth Year, Millions Hungry

Global Warming: Since People Are the Problem, Just Get Rid of Them

‘State of Calamity’ as Philippines Flooding Leaves 140 Dead

Canberra, Australia mercury sticks on 40-year low


Calexico Shakes from 5.1 Earthquake, Aftershocks

Newly Discovered Fault Could Shake Washington with 7.5 Quake

6.4 Earthquake Reported Off Mexico’s Coast

5.6 Quake Damages Buddhist Temples

Atlanta Flood – $250 Million

Dust Storm Blankets Sydney, Disrupts Transport

Tropical Storm Nora Strengthens in Pacific

Wind-Driven Blaze Burns 9,700 Acres Near L.A.

Mark: China to Control Weather for Mao’s 60th

China To Conduct Biggest Ever Weather Control Test

Hot, Dry Conditions Feed California Wildfire

Bangladesh to Train 62,000 for Earthquake Disaster

Illinois National Guard Meets with Other States’ Officials to Discuss Earthquake Prep


8 Dead in Georgia Floods; More Missing

Deadly Southern Floods Not Letting Up Yet

Roller Coasters Swallowed Up by Flood – video

Today’s Ugly Weather Forecast – map

Longer-Term Weather Threats (graphic)

If you believe the almanacs…we’re in for a really rough winter!

Kilauea Volcano Explodes after Hybrid Earthquake

6.3 Bhutan Quake Kills at Least 7

5.5 Million Mexicans Take Part in Quake Drill

5.1 Earthquake in Mexico Felt in San Diego, Arizona

‘Millions at Risk’ as Deltas Sink


Why Red-Colored Snow on the Rockies is a Major Warning Sign

Chemtrails Validated, Documented By The History Channel – Video

Global Warming May Bring Tsunami and Quakes: Scientists

Earth’s Oceans Had Warmest Summer on Record

Lava Maps Cause Angst on Hawaiian Island

Double Vents Seen at Kilauea Volcano

Global Warming Cynicism Rises, Backed By Evidence


Summer 2009: 34th coolest on record – NOAA

Hong Kong Issues Storm Warning as Cyclone Approaches

In Flooded West Africa, People ‘Live Like Fish’


Svensmark: Global Warming Stopped and a Cooling is Beginning

U.S. Wraps Up Record Summer Lows

NOAA Sees El Nino Strengthening Through 2009

Tornado Threat Higher as Gulf Hurricanes Grow

Sea Levels Rose 2 Feet This Summer in U.S. East


Fred Becomes Category 3 Storm

Wildfire More Than Twice the Size of Sacramento

Freak ‘Tornado’ Kills 16 in Argentina, Brazil

32 Dead in Turkey’s ‘Disaster of the Century’ Floods

Kenya’s Elephants Dying Amid Drought

Blaze Could Signal Conflagration Ahead When Santa Anas Hit

Heavy Flooding Hits 350,000 in Africa, Killing at Least 32


Apocalypse Now: Floods, Tornadoes, Locusts

Australia’s Warm Winter a Record

Farmer’s Almanac predicts “Ice-Cold-Sandwich” winter

Heavy Flooding Hits 350,000 in Africa, Killing at Least 32

Strong Quake Hits Albania and Macedonia

First Fires, Now L.A. Hit With Floods, Too

L.A.’s Nature Haven, Reduced to Wasteland


Cat. 2 Jimena Swirls Past Southern Baja Resorts

Tropical Storm Erika forms in Atlantic

California Fire Battle Far from Over

Two Weeks Needed To Contain CA Wildfires

Flames Close in on Two Sides of Mt. Wilson

Waterspout Hits Galveston as Tornado


Climate Trouble May be Bubbling up in Far North

El Niño Weather Pattern Likely to Continue into 2010

Fire Threatens Major Communications Facilities; 22 TV Stations, 25 Radio Stations

2 Firefighters Killed Amid Massive Calif. Wildfire; L.A. Broadcast Towers Threatened

Wildfire Near Los Angeles Surges in All Directions, Threatening 12,000 Homes

Fire Threatens Major Communications Facilities

Hurricane Jimena Hits Cat 4 Strength

Dangerous Hurricane Jimena Roars Toward Mexico


More Signs of an Early Winter – August in New England: Frost, Temps in High 30s

Wildfire Burns Homes Near L.A., Thousands Flee

Northeast Warned as T.S. Danny Heads North

Arnold declares Calif. wildfire emergency


Tropical Storm Danny Flexes Muscles in Atlantic

Hot, Dry Weather Hampers Efforts to Quell California Wildfires

Longer-Term Weather Threats (graphic)

Brisk July Portends Frigid, Snowy Winter, Experts

More Wild Weather on the Way for Australia

Records Fall as Temperatures Rise Nationwide

Tropical Storm Danny Heads for Bahamas; NYC, E. Coast in Forecast Cone

Earthquakes Scare Oregon Coast Residents, Not Seismologists

Electricity bills down 13% with cooler summer

Drought, Intense Heat is Killing Texas Trees

Summer of 2009 one of 15 coolest ever

Summer has gone AWOL


Typhoon Vamco Has a Huge 45-Mile Wide Eye

Taiwan Confirms 461 Dead, 192 Missing after Typhoon

400 Sick in Typhoon-Hit Village in Taiwan

The fire situation in California

U.S. Heat Waves to Worsen, Report

CANADA – Terrible, out of season weather -1

CANADA – Terrible, crop damaging weather – 2

CANADA – Terrible, unusual weather – 3


Hurricane Frequency Highest In 1,000 Years

Are Wildfires Getting Worse?

Extreme Weather ‘Biggest Threat’ to Taiwan

NOAA declares July Warmest Global Ocean Surface Temp. on Record

Arctic Warming Releases Methane from Seabed




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