Vision of electronic human brain

Vision of an electronic human brain

Fathers Make Us Human


The Age Of Compassionate Machines

Singularity University Prepares Executives For Impact Of Exponentially Accelerating Technologies

A Battery-Free Implantable Neural Sensor

Spacesuits With A.I. May Look For Life On Mars

Mind Control with Sound and Light – Boing Boing

Nanoparticle Safety Looking More Complicated


Disturbingly Real Replicants from Hanson Robotics

Glasses to Project Images Directly Into Retina Terminator Style

Army Develops Helmet-Mounted Radar to Watch Soldiers’ Backs

New Route To Nano Self-assembly Found

Time Travel Through the Brain

Lifelogging Takes Another Step Forward

Unnatural Selection: Evolving, Improving, Implacable Robots

Can The Human Mind Be Uploaded For Space Exploration?


Timewarp: How Your Brain Creates The Fourth Dimension

Nanowire Biocompatibility In The Brain: So Far So Good

Ghost In The Shell: Our Brains May Never Live In The Matrix

First Transgenic Primates Able To Pass On Their Foreign Genes Are Viewed As Both A Stunning Medical Advance And A Troubling Peek Into The Future


It’s here…imagine what this means…

British Scientists Develop ‘Brain to Brain Communication’

Transhumanism and Becoming Part of the Borg Collective on Star Trek

Using Human Neuron Cell Line “Wetware” To Control Robots

U.S. Military Create Live Remote-Controlled Beetles To Bug Conversations

Singapore Produces World’s First Semi-Cloned Animal

Remote Control ‘Spider Pill’ With Camera And Moving Legs

The Human Genome in 3 Dimensions

New Stem Cell Research Bill Could Promote Human Cloning Labs


Artificial Super-Intelligence On Horizon: Will It Destroy Us For Our Own Good?

Singularity Summit 2009: Ten Unanswered Questions for Our Future Robot Overlords

By 2014, All Of Your Clothes Will Be Tagged With Microchips
Israeli Navy to Deploy Robot Craft

Security Patrol Robot With ATV Base

Transhumanists Celebrate Vulcan Science And The Woman Without A Pulse

Transgender, Transhuman, Transbeman: Uploading With Martine Rothblatt

IBM Builds ‘Bar Code Reader’ For DNA


The Age Of Telekinetic Cyborg Monkeys Is Upon Us

Talking With A Surgeon With Telescopes Implanted In Eyes

Free-Flying Cyborg Insects Steered From A Distance

The Psychedelic Transhumanists

The Era Of Flesh Is Over


As We Move Toward Skynet: Microsoft Researchers Uploading Biological Memory Onto Computers

Surrogates: Humanity Distanced From Civility By Technology

‘A World Where Humans Become Cyborgs’ Only 20 Years Away

Too Scary to be Real, Research Looks to Quantify Eeriness in Virtual Characters

A Simpler, Gentler Robotic Grip

Aubrey De Grey On “The Singularity” And “The Methuselarity”


The Reality Of Robot Surrogates

Video Surveillance System That Reasons Like A Human Brain

Darpa Spy Cams To Find Threats In ‘Weak Evidence’

Locust Flight Simulator Helps Robot Insects Evolve

Machines Could Match Human Intelligence

Nanotech May Improve The World, But How Safe Will The Human Race Be?


Enter Adam, the Robot Scientist

A Life Of Its Own

Genetic Seamstress Uses Molecular Fingers To Tweak DNA

Talbot Investigates Brave New World Of Neuro Enhancement

U.K. planning ‘bug-eyed’ warriors

Robots Get Smarter By Asking For Help

RepRap 3D Printer Can Almost Make Itself

Science Fiction now possible through Biometrics developments

Nanotech safety: Smaller particles may be riskier

Robots Get Smarter By Asking For Help


Machine Rebellion Begins: Killer Robot Destroyed By US Jet

Can Robots Make Ethical Decisions?

Time Magazine Looks At The Near Future Of Human Enhancement

Brain Science To Help Teachers Get Into Kids’ Heads


Building The Bionic Man On A Budget

Will AI Surpass Human Intelligence By 2020?

Digital Contacts Will Keep an Eye on Your Vital Signs

Neuroengineering To Challenge What It Means To Be Human

DSEi: Throwbots, Folding Spyplanes And Monster Guns


Deep-Sea Robot Roves The Unexplored Ocean Depths

Army Seeks Super-Sniffer to Detect Explosives, Bio-Agents


Homo Sapiens’ Last Invention: The First Self-Replicating Intelligent Machine

Complete Genomics: Nearly Doubled Sequenced Human Genomes Since March

Taking The NanoPulse — Put A Little Nano In Your Tank

First Dogs, Then You? Compulsory Microchipping Gets Leg Up


Scientist: Human Brain Could Be Replicated In 10 Years

Scientists Clone Oldest Living Organism

‘Smart Cities’ To Digitally Integrate Minds, Networks

Ten Ways That New Technology Could Wind Up Killing Us All

The Singularity And The Fixed Point: The Importance Of Engineering Motivation Into Intelligence

Russian oil production overtakes Saudi Arabia


The telepathy chip that lets you turn on the TV with the power of thought

Your Cyborg Eye Will Talk To You

Brits Develop Seeing-Eye Tongue

National Science Foundation Awards $1.4 Million For
GenoCAD Development

At The Outset Of The Golden Era Of Biotech

Bionic Brain Chips Could Overcome Paralysis

Can Robots Be Created With A “Sixth Sense”?

Augmented Reality In A Contact Lens


Plasmobot: Scientists To Design First Biological Robot

AMAZING – High-Speed Robot Hand – Video

Google ‘evangelist’ see web/brain implant link


Sci-Fi Contact Lenses Coming Soon

Nanocircuits, Bio-membranes Creates New Hybrid Technology

iGEM: Prying Pandora’s Box Open Is The Fun Part

Motoman Robot Does It All in Videos


Robot With Bones Moves Like You Do

Artificial Blood??

Robots to Get Open Source Operating System

Robofish & Microchips

Brain Experts Check Suntan Nanobots

Coming soon: An Unblinking “Gorgon Stare” for the Reaper Drone


Our Tech Future? Machines That Read Your Mind

New Technology Maps 10 Billion Neurons Of The Cerebral Cortex – Everything You Think Of As “You”

The Continuing Militarization of Biological Sciences


Nanowires In The Human Body – First Step To A Cyborg?

Marines Want Lots Of Robots They Can Throw

Pinhead-Size Worms + Robot


Future Tourism May Include Robot Sex

Creating Artificial Personalities: An Evolutionary Step Toward Replacing the Human Species?

“E”: Building An Evil Artificial Intelligence (& It’s Not SciFi)

Evolving Robots Become “Deceptive”

Robots Trained to Fire on People


CAST To Release Propaganda On Cloning, Transgenic Beings

US Military Embraces Robot ‘Revolution’

Microsoft: The Future Of Microchips Is In DNA


Wired: Robot Three-Way Portends Autonomous Future

Video- Hover no bother for flapping ‘nano’ aircraft

‘The Internet of Things’ now includes a human heart

Scientists Invent Kitchens That Clean Themselves

Nanotech, Biological Hybrids To Create Fast Living Computers


NASA’s Volcanic Robo-Spiders: Sentinels of Future Eruptions


Are we on the brink of creating a computer with a human brain?


New ‘Unforgeable’ Microchip ID Cards Cloned In 12 Minutes

Cyborg Status: If You Could Have Computer Chips Wired Into Your Brain, Would You?

Implantable Credit Card RFID Chips: Inevitable, But Creepy


Humans 2.0: Replacing the Mind and Body

Researchers Develop ‘Brain-Reading’ Methods

Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man

From Your Forehead / Hand To Your Automobile: Future Driving Will Be A Breeze With Smart Chips

Project Blue Brain: Artificial Mind Coming Soon

Better Vision, With a Telescope Inside the Eye

Unborn babies found to have memories

Upcoming Military Robot To Feed On Dead Bodies

Smart spiders spy on Mount Saint Helens

A Robot That Eats “Organic Bio-Mass” For Energy

Danger Ahead: Clones And The Food You Eat


Japanese Scientists Aim To Create Robot-Insects

Scientists Create ‘Artificial Brain Cell’

Ethical Storm Flares As British Scientists Advance Watchers Tech, Create Artificial Sperm For Synthetic Humans

Biotech To Change The World, Unveil New Forms Of Life

Salamander Discovery Could Lead to Human Limb Regeneration

Scientists: Brain Could Adapt Well To Cyborg Enhancements

DARPA Seeking Genesis-Style Godware Capability


Human Clones And Animal-Human Chimeras To Be Classified As ‘Research Material’

Transhumanists See Animal Testing Facilities Greatly Expanding To Meet Needs Of Redesigned Humans

On Memory Transferance And Transhumanism: Excerpt  From The Working Draft Of Tom Horn’s Upcoming Top Secret Book, Apollyon Rising: The Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed

Our Electronic Future? A Machine That Can Tell What You’re Thinking

Artificial DNA: Will Controlling the Code of Life Trigger Unintended Consequences?

March of the Killer Robots




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