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The Prophetic View News! – February 15, 2010

Will we be seeing these much longer?


Are You A Good Person? Take The Test!


Nostradamus Effect – Part 3: Showdown of Prophecies

Church is Drifting into Paganism, Says Packer

Combating Christian Paganism

Team Of Pastors Sue Holder Over ‘Hate Crime’ Law

ENDA Tramples Christian Conscience

Christians Claim Hate Crimes Law an Effort to ‘Eradicate’ Their Beliefs

Academics Fight Rise Of Creationism At Universities

Christian Churches Fading Out In Canada: USA Next?


Prepare to Be Desperate

Will the Global Deep Freeze Now Ravaging North America, Europe and Asia Lead to Massive Food Shortages In 2010?

Farmers Fear Food Shortage After Freeze

Food Bank’s Shortage ‘Unprecedented’

You Don’t Need Tons of Room to Grow a Garden

Sugar Shortage May Turn ‘Acute’ in Third Quarter


How The Most Powerful Nation On Earth Beckons The Evil One

The Occult Symbolism of Sherlock Holmes

Illuminati Symbolism In Auto Logos

Haiti And The Seismic Weapon

Death Rises Toll to 230,000

HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy – video, background 101


Yes, America Is Still In An Official State Of Emergency

Council of Governors Takes Shape

Fears Over Google Alliance With NSA

Feds Push for Tracking Cell Phones

– FYI: they already can, and do so frequently

The FBI Knows Where You Have Been And Where You Are Going: Newsweek

US Media Covers Up Global Warming ‘Science’ Implosion

Obama Commits (US) To Climate Change

Climategate U-turn As Scientist at Center of Row Admits: There Has Been No Global Warming Since 1995

Planned Parenthood Pushes Intense Sex Ed for Kids

Gates, Mullen: Military Gay Ban Should be Lifted

De Facto Military Occupation of Pennsylvania

Police Chiefs Resigning Across CONUS….Objections to Martial Law Takeover

Martial Law Warning! Police Chiefs Across America Resigning! Secret Meeting in Australia Held by Banker Elite – YouTube

The Truth is Not Out There (in Medialand)

Disinformation Tactics: The Methods Used to Keep You in the Dark


Deliberate Economic Collapse – YouTube

Greece Is A NWO Testing Ground

A Greek Crisis Is Coming to America

Desolate Malls, Empty Offices May Come Soon

How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America

Scariest Jobs Chart…Ever

Chapter XVI: Where Shopping is a Pleasure (The Day the Dollar Died Series)

Chapter XVII: Black Ice (The Day the Dollar Died Series)

Chapter XVIII: The Boxankle Adventure (The Day the Dollar Died Series)

Chapter XIX: No Sharing Allowed (The Day The Dollar Died Series)

What Does One TRILLION Dollars Look Like?

Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows


Britain’s Emerging Police State

Future Police: Meet The UK’s Armed Robot Drones

Children to Spy on Bad Neighbors

UK Suicide Rates Rise


Double CME Explodes Off the Sun

Huge Spheres Near The Sun – Photos

100,000 MPH Fireball Lights Up Skies Over Ireland

Mysterious Jellyfish Light In Sky Over Norway

Bizarre ‘Flower’ Seen Above Oz Today – Satellite Pics

Hubble Detects X Shaped Object At 11,000 mphPic

Hubble Studies Spectacular Deep Space UFO

Chemtrails – Inside And OutYouTube

Danger In The Sky – Chemtrails YouTube


Yellowstone Update

Did an 8.6 Quake Hit China?


The New Science Of Resurrecting Extinct Creatures Becoming Industry Of Its Own

Students Brains ‘Rewired’ By the Internet

Computers That Understand How You Feel

Real-Life Unobtanium? The “Project X” Super Element

Scientists Struggle to Understand Plague That Kills Insect-Eating Bats


Continuing The Attack On Natural Health Care

McCain Anti-DSHEA Bill Is Death To Your Health Freedom

Canadian Regulators: Stop selling ‘unlicensed’ natural health remedies

Fluoride Is Killing Us

The Depressing News About Antidepressants

HIV Researchers Solve Key Puzzle After 20 Yrs

Prostate Cancer Screening: 50 Percent False Positives


‘Our’ Government Is A Company…and so are the schools


The Prophetic View News! – November 8-9, 2009

The Crisis in Ukraine is Real - And Its Spreading
Ukrainian Crisis is Real…and Spreading Fast


Hot Headlines!

Vaccine Warning! Pandemic Warning!

Total Destruction of Lungs in Ukraine’s Fatal H1N1(?) Cases

Over 2,000 healthcare workers sick in Ukraine – Data on virus still not released

What is Martial Law and How Does It Apply to You?

Coded Message? Why Does Big Budget 2012 Movie Focus On Destruction Of Christian Symbols?


The Blood of the Saints

The Revolutionary Power of God’s Grace

Read It Before It Is [Further] Banned By The US Government: The Final Conclave

Coded Message? Why Does Big Budget 2012 Movie Focus On Destruction Of Christian Symbols?

UN’s ‘Defamation of Religions’ Resolution Goes Against Free Speech and Human Rights

Mysticism and God’s Word – Video

Mexican High Court Frees Nine Men Accused in Acteal Massacre

Seizure of 15,000 Bibles in Malaysia Stuns Christians

New Dimension in India’s Anti-Christian Violence Feared

Egypt: Coptic Blogger Pressured to Convert in Prison


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Martial Law in Ukraine * President Announces Arrests of Opponents of Forced Vaccination and Quarantines * Who Carries Out Coup D’ Etat Under Pandemic Emergency Pretext

Ukraine Virus Mystery Deepens

The Reversal of Reality: Publicizing H1N1 Vaccine Facts as Myths and Myths as Facts

In Accordance With Biblical Prophecy, Biometrics Is Focused On The Head And Hands

EU Reform Treaty Passes Last Test

Lisbon Treaty Signals End Of Independent Europe

More Of Britain’s Powers Surrendered To Brussels

Passing On The Mantle Of Deep North American Integration

Climate Change Belief Gets Same Legal Status As Religion

Pope invites Catholic world leaders to Vatican for summit on Church political influence

The Monster Devouring Us: Even the Men Who Created the Internet are Beginning to Fear Its Power to Destroy Our Freedom

The Protocols of Zion & The Illuminati Roadmap: Pt 4

Al Gore Admits CO2 Does Not Cause Majority Of Global Warming

Secret copyright treaty leaks. It’s bad. Very bad.

Why Boys Are Turning Into Girls

Lady Gaga: The Illuminati Puppet

America, The Babylon

ABC’s V: Joseph Goebbels Would Be Proud

What is Martial Law and How Does It Apply to You?

Special Ops Report Suggests Assassination Program Aimed at “Enemies of the State”

1,600 names suggested daily for terror list

US Military Tracker-Droids To ‘Consider Humans As Fluid’

U.S. Government Driving Growth Of Biometrics

Biometric Scanning Touted As Fix For Medicare Fraud

U.S. Pandemic Options Include Crippling Home Modems

Maine Gay Marriage Laws Repealed

Folding The US Into A Single Global Currency

TV Exposure May Be Associated With Aggressive Behavior In Young Children

Orlando shooter, US Army Fort Hood shooter linked by psychiatric drugs


Wars & Rumors of Wars

Israel: Forging NATO Missile Shield, Rehearsing War With Iran

US expresses concerns over expansion of conflict on Saudi-Yemen border

Saudi’s set up ‘no-man’s zone’ along border with Yemen

US piles more duties on Chinese oil well pipe

Russia Expands Its Chemical Arsenal, Exposing Treaty’s Faults

Space Arms Race Inevitable Says Chinese Commander

Is This China’s Anti-Satellite Laser Weapon Site?

Russia, India and China Go Their Ways

India Provokes China Fury With Dalai Lama Border Visit

Israel Seizes Ship Carrying Weapons for Hezbollah

Hamas Rockets Capable of ‘Reaching Tel Aviv’

Landslide Risk Rises Near Three Gorges Dam: Report

Air Force: ‘Overwhelm Enemy Cognitive Abilities’ with Bioscience



YOU Are a Lagging Indicator

BLS Employment Report for October 2009: Suspending Belief and Reality Again

A Little Noticed Report: Monthly Wholesale Trade-Sales & Inventories

Empty Your Bank Accounts NOW: Bob Chapman

Gold Starship: Family Reunion on Pluto?

Gold Hits Record Highs, US Economy “Collapsed”



Coming Soon… Designer Foods With Genes From Bacteria, Parasites, Scorpions At A Dining Table Near You

USDA Says Food Prices to Increase Next Year

Concerns Over Superbugs in Our Food Supply Food



Artificial Snow in Beijing Delays Hundreds of Flights

Earthquakes Rocking The Desert Southwest

Earthquakes Shake Pennsylvania Second Time

Taiwan Hit by Mag. 6 Earthquake

Mayon Volcano May Explode Anytime

Heavy Floods Hit Mexico

Floods Force 44,000 People from Homes in Mexico

Twin Richter 5’s Hit Off Oregon Coast – 1 “Disappears”

4.1 Quake Strikes Off Calif. Coast

5.7 Quake Rattles Western Greece

Earthquake Injures at Least 700 in Southern Iran

Atlanta’s September Floods Extremely Rare

Washington State Prepares for Catastrophic Flood


Got Health?

What’s really in that burger? E.coli and chicken feces both allowed by USDA

Learn the Truths and Myths of Morgellons

New research: resveratrol improves diabetes by affecting the brain

Potassium normalizes high blood pressure

Pomegranate Extracts Treat Diseases of Inflammation

How magnesium prevents heart disease

Watching TV Before Going to Bed Causes Chronic Health Problems

Vets Warn of Highly Contagious Dog Flu

Thyroid Cancer Higher in Volcanic Areas

Women with breast cancer have low vitamin D levels, scientists discover



The Age Of Compassionate Machines

Singularity University Prepares Executives For Impact Of Exponentially Accelerating Technologies

A Battery-Free Implantable Neural Sensor

Spacesuits With A.I. May Look For Life On Mars

Mind Control with Sound and Light – Boing Boing

Nanoparticle Safety Looking More Complicated


In the Heavens

Solar Winds Triggered By Magnetic Fields

Stars May Be Cosmic Road Signs to Intelligent Aliens

Dark Matter Wrecking Ball May Have Hit Milky Way


Extra! Extra!

Tiny Microscope Sees Brain Cells in Moving Rats

Giant Crack in Africa Will Create a New Ocean

Giant Crack In Africa Formed In Just Days

Researchers Ask How Best to Engineer the Planet


The Jewish Influence on the Great Seal of the United States


The Prophetic View News! – October 8-9, 2009

You & I

You & I


The Blood of the Saints

The Antichrist Conspiracy

How’s This For A Call For A One-World Religion?

Christian Arrested for Distributing Tracts in Egypt

Worship Site Demolished, Pastors Arrested in China

Jailed Evangelists in Ethiopia Win Appeal but Remain in Prison



Globe Feels Nature’s Wrath

Chilean Eruption Highlights Risk from ‘Rhyolitic’ Volcanoes

Russian Volcano’s Eruptions Intensifying

Worst Volcanoes Even More Dangerous Than Feared

Volcanoes Defrosted Ice Age

The ‘Perfect’ Quake This Way Comes

Typhoon Melor Leaves 4 Dead in Japan

Philippine Mudslides, Floods Kill More Than 160

Even the Camels are Dying

Snow Piling Up: Idaho School Kids Enjoy ‘Earliest Snow Day in History’

Loveland, CO Ski Resort Boasts ‘Earliest Opening in 40 Years’

8.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Northwest Of Vanuatu

Disease Strikes as Philippines Cleans Up After Flood

6.7 magnitude quake strikes near Philippines

Quake-Hit Sumatra Villages Yet to Get Aid, Groups Say

Bigger Earthquake Looms for West Sumatra

Very Cool Animation of Pacific Earthquake


America, The Babylon

Airports To Take Temperatures, Quarantine Passengers Exhibiting Flu-Like Illness

Criminalizing Everyone

Microchip Implant to Link Your Health Records, Credit History, Social Security

Presidential Powers During Cybersecurity Emergencies

Senators Vote to Renew Patriot Act Spy Powers

FOX VIDEO: Expert Weighs In On H1N1 Pandemic Bill, Sees “Primer For Martial Law”

Is Martial Law Coming To A State Near You?

New York To Fight ‘Terrorism’ With Street Corner Cameras

Americans Fleeing Religion As Atheism Surges

Congressional Leaders Oppose Posting Bills Online

Summer Dead Zones off Oregon Coast Here to Stay

American Police Force- Cabazon redux on Crow land? Dollar, Gog Magog war? Flu pandemic-confluence of world-shaking events for October / November possible?


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

The Temple Mount “Is Key To Israeli-Palestinian Peace”

Artificial Super-Intelligence On Horizon: Will It Destroy Us For Our Own Good?

Windows 7 Will Let Microsoft (or anyone else) Track Your Every Move

EU draws up plans to establish itself as “world power”

Worried About President Blair of the EU? It May be About to Get Even Worse

Threat of Next World War May be in Cyberspace: UN

Massive Cyber Attacks on U.S. & British Military Communications

Mass Slaughter is a Systemic Problem of the Modern World’

Japanese dress-suit that protects from H1N1?

The ‘Perfect’ Quake This Way Comes

Designer Babies And Consuming Children

Multi-Contact Brain Probe Can Be Injected Through A Needle



Dead Man Walking

Celente: The Dollar is Finished – video

The Rich Bail Faster on Mortgages

The Weak-Dollar Threat to Prosperity

Besides the Federal Reserve, Nobody’s Buying US Debt

2009 Proof and Uncirculated Gold and Silver Eagles Canceled

Gold Breakout Alert – Powerful Uptrend Imminent – Target and Trajectory…

Gold Price Hits Record High


Wars and Rumors of Wars

Gog/Magog Planning Something? Russia Revives Nuclear First Strike Doctrine Using Vague Language Describing The U.S.

Flashback: Russia Built A Doomsday Machine, And It Works

Russia Deploys Second-Generation Tactical PGMs

Iran to ‘Blow Up the Heart of Israel’ If Attacked

Ahmadinejad’s Apocalyptic Ambitions

North Korea Says Dismantling Its Nukes ‘Unthinkable’

US Public Skeptical – and Hawkish – on Iran

Is the U.S. Preparing to Bomb Iran?

Iran, Israel, USA, and War Games

Iran Has Nuclear Bomb, Says Top Russian General – flashback

Russian General Confirms Iran Has Nuclear Weapons – flashback



10 Foods Most Likely to Make You Sick

Food Shortages Hit Millions in Flood-Hit India

Meager Crop Threatens Lives in Asian Valley

Indiana Corn Acres Decrease as Ethanol Production Increases

Water Shortage Bogs Down Idaho Trout Farms

The Coming Food Shortage: Potash as Fuel for Food

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

Rice Crops Ruined by Storms Could Have Fed The Philippines for 8 Days

Floods Put India’s Harvest in Jeopardy


Got Health?

Your Health Records Available to Millions

UK: Teen girl suffers permanent brain damage after cervical cancer vaccine

Are Birth Control Pills Changing the Mating Game?

Doctor Discovery: Humans Do Have A Sixth Sense

Multi-Contact Brain Probe Can Be Injected Through A Needle


In the Heavens

Strange Huge Light Cloud over Moscow Oct 09, What is it??? – video

Caught on Camera: Meteorite Hundred Times Brighter Than Full Moon

Giant Cosmic-Ray Laser To Flash Across Paris Sky

NASA Refines Asteroid Apophis’ Path Toward Earth

NASA To Bomb The Moon For Water

NASA Discovers ‘Supersized’ Saturn Ring

Plasma Rocket Could Travel To Mars In 39 Days



Artificial Super-Intelligence On Horizon: Will It Destroy Us For Our Own Good?

Singularity Summit 2009: Ten Unanswered Questions for Our Future Robot Overlords

By 2014, All Of Your Clothes Will Be Tagged With Microchips

Israeli Navy to Deploy Robot Craft

Security Patrol Robot With ATV Base


Extra! Extra!

World’s Biggest Dinosaur Footprints Discovered

Cremated Bodies to Power Air-Con in Taiwan

Holdren: Ice Age Will Kill 1 Billion


Anak Krakatau: The Father, The Son, and The Tongues of Fire – Pt. 4


The Prophetic View News! – October 5-6, 2009




The Blood of the Saints

Persecution More Than Plausible; It’s Biblical

Lighthouse Trails Research Project Newsletter – October 5, 2009

Islamic Groups Shut Down Worship of Church in Indonesia

Religious Illiteracy Alarms Educators

Time: Conservative Bible Project ‘Insane’ but ‘Green Bible’ Evangelical-friendly

Oprah in Clash of Titans


America, The Babylon

The Great Poisoning of America Begins: October, 2009

Trestleboard Secrets

Into The Dark: America’s Descent Into A Police State

Big Brother Continues To Spy On American Public

Extremely Invasive Body Scanners Being Installed at All Major U.S. Airports

iWatch, You Watch, We All Watch, Each Other

One More Step Toward Mandatory Virtual Strip Searches

Re: Hardin, MT – AFP Changes Name, Logo, & Website to “Diffuse Tension”

Disintegrating Set Of Morals Allowing American Cops To Become The Gestapo And Stormtroopers Of Yesterday

Energy Czar: Cap & Trade, One Way or Another

Will California become America’s first failed state?

U.S. Senate Candidate: Martial Law Needed In US

Will The Ghosts In “Coraline” Possess Your Kids?

FBI Programs Resurrect “Total Information Awareness”

Time: Conservative Bible Project ‘Insane’ but ‘Green Bible’ Evangelical-friendly

Perversion 101: Kids Taught ‘Gay’ Sex, Rape, Bestiality


The Book of Revelation Unfolds

Irish Voters Say ‘Yes’ to European Federal Superstate

Prince Philip Implies World Needs 95% Population Reduction

Global Warming: Getting Rid of You, Me, and the Kids

Codex Alimentarius Threat To Humanity To Be Implemented December 31, 2009

The Illuminati Agenda for the Coming New Order

If the “Swine Flu” virus is new – HOW WAS IT PATENTED IN 2008?

Big Brother Is Watching You

Surveillance State ‘A Good Thing’

Oh, Oh: Scientists Want To Loosen Definition of “Brain Death”

Welcoming US Move Toward Global Governance Of internet

Global Warming Will Not Be Halted By Current Human Civilization, Warn Scientists

Prophecy Experts Prepare For Psalm 83 Mideast War

You just can’t make this stuff up: Iran’s Ahmadinejad is of Jewish heritage!

Tony Blair, the EU President No One Really Wants

Brave New Britain: Cracking That Big Biotech Whipsaw



The Demise of the Dollar

UN Calls for New Reserve Currency

Entering the Greatest Depression in History

World Bank welcomes New Economic Order from the ashes of crisis

US Economic Decline Forges New World Order

World Bank and IMF join global attack on the dollar

IMF seeks role as “global central bank”

A Cruel Deception

How the Dollar is Being Systematically Devalued Since the 1980s

Does Money Contraction Signal Serious Trouble?


Wars and Rumors of Wars

Shhh! Obama agrees to keep Israel’s nukes secret

China Vows To Stand By N Korea

Russia Deploys S-400 Air Defense System In Far East

Thinking the Unthinkable: NATO’s Global Military Roadmap

Iran War – Scenarios

The Coming War With Iran: Not If, But When



Millions Displaced By India Floods

Sumatran Earthquake: Whole Villages Sucked Into The Earth

Britain Battered by 75mph Winds

Quake Landslides Wipe out 4 Villages in Indonesia

California Quake Swarm Continues

‘Robust Sequence’ of Earthquakes Shake Eastern California

Big Quakes Weaken Faults on Other Side of Earth

Pacific Northwest has Same Volatile Zones That Led to Samoan, Indonesian Quakes

Indonesian Quake Leaves Trail of Death, Devastation

Chance of Finding Sumatra Earthquake Survivors is ‘Almost Zero’

Samoa Tsunami Lesson: Early Warning System Too Slow

Wall Collapses into Kilauea Volcano Lava Pond – video

Volcano Watch: Hualalai is 3rd Most Active Volcano in Hawaii

Volcanic Eruption ‘Could Occur Near Bundaberg’

Alaska’s Cleveland Volcano Spews Ash 20,000 Feet

Vanuatu Volcano Alert

Siberian Volcano ‘Wiped Out World’s Forests’ 250M Years Ago

Super Typhoon Parma Hits The Philippines

Storm batters Philippines – video

Typhoon Ketsana blasts Cambodia

Typhoon leaves 31 dead in Vietnam

Animated guide: Typhoon

Animated guide: Tsunamis



Food Shortage ‘Unprecedented’

The Great Drought: Disaster Looms In East Africa

Your Brain, Liver, Heart On Genetically Modified Foods

Dangers Of Genetically Modified Foods

More Americans Growing Food on Small ‘Hobby Farms’

A Sprinkling Of Nanotubes Makes Plants Shoot Up


Got Health?

Higher Autism Rates Detected: Now 1 in 100 Kids

Over one half-million children in medical emergencies from drug prescriptions every year

Trace mineral selenium helps prevent cancer

Drug Expert: Cervical Cancer Vaccine More Deadly Than The Cancer it Supposedly Prevents

Cervical cancer vaccine continues killing young …

How To Stay Sharp As A Tack

Traditional Plant Medicine Could Cure H1N1 Flu Virus, Chinese Scientists Find

Microwave Popcorn Loaded With Artificial Sweeteners

US 8 Yr Olds With Autism Up 50% In TWO Years

N America Ranks Second In Premature Births

In Health Care Today, It’s Electronic All The Way

Your Brain, Liver, Heart On Genetically Modified Foods



Transhumanists Celebrate Vulcan Science And The Woman Without A Pulse

Transgender, Transhuman, Transbeman: Uploading With Martine Rothblatt

IBM Builds ‘Bar Code Reader’ For DNA


In the Heavens

NASA to Bomb the Moon on Friday


Extra! Extra!

Nobel Winners Isolate Protein Behind Immortality

Wi-Fi Signals Used To See Through Walls

The Neural Correlates Of Religious And Nonreligious Belief


Read It Before It Is Banned By The U.S. Government – by Tom Horn

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