Christian Underground City (Derinkuyu, Turkey)

Christian Underground City (Derinkuyu, Turkey)


America Tolerates Anti-Christian Double Standard

Demons (Extraterrestrials) Tremble At Name Of Jesus Christ

Persecution More Than Plausible; It’s Biblical


Pakistan: Asia Bibi in court

Russia: Pastors Fined For Worship

Colombia: Pastor Martyred


Lawyer Calls Turkish Christians’ Trial a ‘Scandal’

Theology Students in Indonesia to be Evicted from Campground

Imprisoned Christian in Somaliland on Hunger Strike


Lighthouse Trails Research Project Newsletter – October 19, 2009


Hostilities Flare in BJP-Run Madhya Pradesh, India

Prisoners Freed in Acteal, Mexico Case Yet to Return Home

Two Indonesian Churches Receive Bomb Threats

Egypt: Coptic Family Forced to Surrender Rescued Woman

Ethiopia: Jailed Evangelists Win Appeal but Remain in Prison


The Antichrist Conspiracy

How’s This For A Call For A One-World Religion?

Christian Arrested for Distributing Tracts in Egypt

Worship Site Demolished, Pastors Arrested in China

Jailed Evangelists in Ethiopia Win Appeal but Remain in Prison


Lighthouse Trails Research Project Newsletter – October 5, 2009

Islamic Groups Shut Down Worship of Church in Indonesia

Religious Illiteracy Alarms Educators

Time: Conservative Bible Project ‘Insane’ but ‘Green Bible’ Evangelical-friendly

Oprah in Clash of Titans


Islamic Extremists in Somalia Kill Another Church Leader

Church in Indonesia Wins Legal Battle to Worship in Building

India: Recent Incidents of Persecution

China: Office Becomes New Force for Religious Repression

Nepal: Mastermind of Church Bombing Arrested


Ancient Egypt Coins With Joseph’s Name On Them

Dozens of Pastors Challenge IRS Rules

Pastor in India Seriously Wounded by Suspected Hindu Extremists

Pakistan: Christians Fear Further Firestorms

Prison Terms Upheld for Two Christians in Ethiopia

Sri Lanka: Rash of Attacks on Christians Reported

Third Christian this Year Dies in Military Prison

Authorities Tighten Grip on Christians amid Unrest


Yoga: Not For Christians

Motive Sought for Slaying of Church Worker in Bangladesh

India: Karnataka Top in Attacks on Christians in Country

Somalia: Muslim Militants Slay Long-Time Christian

Mourners Protest Islamic Attacks on Copts in Egypt

Kidnapped Christian Doctor in Iraq Freed in Critical Condition

Bangladesh: Muslims Seize Land Used by Church

“From the Lighthouse” Newsletter – September 21, 2009


60,000 Pray In Times Square!

Exposed: The scientific impossibility of evolution

What Darwin Didn’t Know

Elderly Pro-life Activist Attacked, Injured in Flagstaff, AZ

Christian Hoteliers In Court For Talking Religion To Muslims

Christian Nurse Removed from Frontline Duty for Wearing Cross Necklace


Iran: Women Seriously Ill

India: Pastor Falsely Accused

Uzbekistan: Believers Arrested

VOM: Pray for Muslims

Belarus: Church Evicted

VOM: More Bibles Needed

Nigeria: Pastors Beheaded

Bangladesh: Pastor Tortured by Police

Pakistan: Eight Believers Killed

Iran: Christians in Court

Is Christianity All About Relationships?


Christians Arrested, Tried for Helping Sichuan Earthquake Victims

Understanding the Error of Spiritual Formation


Faceoff! Cops versus preachers on public sidewalk: Christians arrested 7 times for signs declaring homosexuality a sin


Turning a Blind Eye to Murdered Christians

Al Shabaab Reportedly Beheads 4 Christians

Princeton Bioethics Professor Peter Singer: Devaluing Human Life

Preacher Threatened With Arrest For Reading From Bible




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